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Investors Excited As Crypto Bear Market Shows Signs of Ending

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After a seemingly endless series of blows during 2022, the crypto bear market is finally showing signs of easing during the early months of 2023. With Bitcoin breaking the $20,000 threshold and continuing to climb, this looks like a prime time for investors to find excellent value in crypto markets.

Established trading signals platform AltSignals is launching one of the best investment opportunities with the presale event of its native ASI token in March, news of which is spreading fast across Telegram investor groups, leading to plenty of interest.

The AltSignals presale is a considerable investment opportunity

With Bitcoin’s revival pushing the easing of the broader crypto bear market, signaling platforms such as AltSignals are reporting an increase in trading interest once again. As seasoned investors are well aware, utilizing trading signal tools like AltSignals are invaluable in maintaining the edge.

The impending release of the ASI token will set AltSignals apart from competitors by providing exclusive access to the most sought-after signals in crypto. ASI token holders will gain access to new signals and AI algorithms via the new ActualizeAI capability before they hit the open market, giving traders the opportunity to cash in with a high success rate.

Backtesting from AltSignals indicators has shown a 70-83% success rate on BTC and ETH trades, confirming the importance of access to the trading alpha. This level of user satisfaction is illustrated by almost 500 reviews on Trustpilot that provide an average score of 4.9/5. Experts expect this success rate to increase as ActualizeAI beds in and the machine learning capability comes to the core.

The $ASI presale event is a rare and golden investment opportunity to purchase an exciting new token at a discounted price before its release on exchanges. And, while holders can choose to trade their holding at this point, the actual utility – and value – of the token is unlocked through engagement with the AltSignals platform and tools.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals has been hard at work since its launch in 2017 to develop the best algorithm-based indicators in the crypto industry. It now offers technical analysis and trading signals across currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, to its more than 50,000-strong trading community. These signals are critical in traders making better-informed decisions about when to buy and sell coins.

Over the past five years, AltSignals has snowballed with a global user base relying upon and trusting the trading signals it provides. This service goes beyond daily crypto trades to encompass Binance Futures, Forex, shares, and CFD. The wealth of trading reports on its website illustrates the transparency at the core of AltSignals trading alpha.

The best-known feature of AltSignals is its market-leading AltAlgo™ indicator tool. This pioneering indicator tool continually scans markets in real time and provides traders with the optimal price to buy and sell. During backtesting, the AltAlgo™ tool traded with an astonishing 83.56% success rate on Bitcoin and an impressive 70.09% success rate on Ethereum. This level of past success can go a long way to reduce the emotional stress of trading while simplifying the challenge of maintaining a diverse and up-to-date portfolio.

How does AltSignals work?

AltSignals relies on technical analysis which combines trading strategies and market indicators to help its expert traders gather and distribute signals. More than 3,700 signals have been delivered to the ever-growing community. Additional support is available to its community through AltSignals’ coaching options.

Users are able to choose from three different subscription models: AltAlgo™, Binance Futures, and Forex. By choosing the model best suited to their requirements, users can begin to receive relevant signals as soon as they begin their subscription.

Alongside the ASI token, AltSignals is set to launch the AI Members Club. This club will be open to ASI token holders who will gain beta access to all new AltSignals releases and receive crypto rewards when they contribute valuable feedback on new features. As soon as products are ready for release, group members will gain exclusive limited-time access.

What is $ASI?

$ASI is an ERC-20 crypto token that will underpin everything on the AltSignals platform. The primary use case is providing token holders with beta access to ActualizeAI, which aims to provide users with the hottest trading algorithms and signals before anyone else.

The coin will also become the medium of exchange within the AltSignals ecosystem for access to exclusive content, such as educational materials. The token will give holders early access to public tool rollouts and the opportunity to take part in product tests, along with providing access to governance on the platform.

For anyone who is interested in being more involved with the development of the AltSignals platform can join the AI Members Club. Club members will not only have a chance to interact with the AltSignals development team, but they will also be able to provide valuable feedback to help improve the tools provided by AltSignals.

You can participate in the $ASI presale here.

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