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From Promoter to Ghost: How This Crypto Influencer’s Credibility Is at Stake

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In Brief

  • Crypto Rover, a well-known crypto influencer, is accused of ghosting a project after payment.
  • Allegations include promoting pump-and-dump tokens, damaging his credibility.
  • ZachXBT exposes Rover's dubious activities, raising influencer accountability issues.
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Crypto Rover, a popular crypto influencer, has found himself embroiled in controversy. ZachXBT, a crypto sleuth with a reputation for exposing fraud, has unveiled allegations that put Rover’s integrity in question.

The influencer has over 125,000 subscribers on YouTube and 677,000 followers on X (Twitter).

Crypto Rover Faces Allegation of Ghosting a Project

ZachXBT’s findings reveal a disturbing pattern. Rover allegedly ghosted a project after being paid for promotion. This act starkly contradicts his image as a reliable crypto influencer. Moreover, he’s accused of promoting pump-and-dump tokens, further tarnishing his reputation.

The controversy centers on a project Rover agreed to promote in May 2023. He was to receive $10,000 plus 1% of the project’s supply for his services. However, after securing the payment, Rover’s engagement with the project allegedly ceased. This breach of the agreement left the project team in dire straits, questioning Rover’s professional ethics.

“This is a criminal act, and nobody supports him as he moved money within hours of receiving it and went mute for a long time. I sent the team wallet to his inbox, and they want the $10,000 and 1% supply back today, or everyone on Crypto Twitter will know of his action,” the crypto project’s representative wrote.

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Additionally, Rover’s dealings with STONED, a project that allegedly conducted a ‘rug pull,’ have raised eyebrows. ZachXBT’s investigation linked suspicious activities to Rover, including significant transactions that resulted in considerable profits, all traceable to addresses associated with him.

These revelations have sparked a broader debate on influencer accountability in the crypto sphere. Consequently, the community has begun distancing itself from Rover, advocating for greater transparency and integrity in the industry.

“Beware of Crypto Rover: An investigation reveals he ghosted a paid project, misled followers on trades, and shilled pump and dump meme coins. Stay away from this scammer influencer,” Context on Crypto Rover’s X Post says.

Moreover, Rover’s lack of response to these allegations has only fueled further speculation and concern.

ZachXBT’s role in unmasking deceptive practices within the crypto community extends far beyond the Crypto Rover incident. His meticulous investigations have previously led to significant revelations, highlighting the urgent need for vigilance and ethical conduct in the crypto space.

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One recent example is ZachXBT’s exposé involving KSI, a popular YouTuber turned crypto influencer. ZachXBT uncovered that KSI shilled multiple altcoins before dumping them, betraying the trust of his 370,000 followers. This pattern of promoting assets only to sell them off quickly for personal gain undermines the community’s trust and highlights the predatory tactics some influencers resort to.

Furthermore, ZachXBT’s investigative prowess was on full display when he shed light on Logan Paul’s involvement in pump-and-dump schemes. Consequently, this investigation led to widespread community outrage and contributed to legal actions against Paul.

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