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Industry Powerhouses from IMAX, CBS/Paramount, Entertainment One, and Universal Pictures, Join Vabble for Revolution in Film Distribution

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As the landscape of film distribution continues to evolve, Vabble, a leader in blockchain-based OTT streaming, is thrilled to announce a powerful new alignment with industry veterans Barry Chamberlain, Philip Groves and Joanna Miles.

This dynamic trio joins John C. Hall on Vabble’s Advisory Board at a critical moment, poised to disrupt traditional film distribution models.

Vabble, known for its innovative approach to film distribution and monetization through blockchain technology, is set to leverage the extensive experience of its new board members. The team aims to address the gaps in the current film distribution market, particularly focusing on unique and thought-provoking content that might not fit into the conventional studio release strategies.

With this initiative, Vabble is dedicated to empowering filmmakers, especially in the indie sector, by providing them with more control, wider reach, and fairer revenue models in distributing their creative works.

John C. Hall brings his vast experience as the former Executive Vice President of Distribution & Marketing at Universal Pictures. His career, spanning several decades, includes working on over 408 theatrical releases, covering a wide spectrum from major franchise titles to Oscar® winners and blockbuster hits.

Barry Chamberlain, former President of Sales at CBS Studios International, joins the board and will provide his deep media and entertainment experience to the Company. His expertise in sales, marketing, and intricate deal negotiations across every medium has been a driving force in generating multibillion-dollar revenues and successfully leading global operations through various evolutions in the media industry

Philip Groves, celebrated for his work as the writer and producer of the IMAX documentary ASTEROID HUNTERS and former EVP of Worldwide Distribution and SVP of IMAX Corporation, brings his influence in bringing blockbuster event films to IMAX screens worldwide. His commitment to expanding the reach of IMAX documentaries has set new benchmarks in the industry.

Further enhancing the board’s expertise is Joanna Miles, former SVP of Theatrical Marketing, Entertainment One, Canada. With over two decades of experience in the film industry, Joanna has played a crucial role in marketing major titles such as The Hunger Games franchise and the John Wick franchise to Canadian audiences. Her extensive background in film festival management and talent negotiation further strengthens Vabble’s position in the industry.

“In today’s fast-paced film distribution world, there’s a widening divide between the creative forces and the distribution avenues available to them,” said John C. Hall. “Vabble stands at the forefront of bridging this gap, ensuring that diverse and compelling stories find their audience.”

Barry Chamberlain added, “My background in both sales and distribution arms me with a unique perspective on the industry’s challenging new distribution landscape. At Vabble, we’re not just distributing films; we’re revolutionizing how they reach viewers worldwide.”

Philip Groves commented, “Joining Vabble’s Advisory Board is an opportunity to apply my experience in a new and exciting domain. Our vision is to create a symbiotic relationship between filmmakers and audiences through innovative and intelligent distribution strategies.”

Joanna Miles reflected, “With my extensive background in film marketing and festival management, I’m excited to bring a fresh perspective to Vabble. My goal is to harness this platform’s potential to transform how indie films are marketed and distributed globally.”

Vabble is gearing up to showcase its groundbreaking approach at film industry events and festivals globally. Alongside these efforts, Vabble is excited to announce that its innovative streaming platform is set to launch soon. In anticipation of this launch, filmmakers, especially those in the indie sector, are already invited to utilize Vabble for distributing their content.

This strategic expansion of Vabble’s Advisory Board marks a new chapter in the company’s journey, promising to redefine the paradigms of film distribution and elevate blockchain’s role in the entertainment industry.

Vabble is an OTT streaming service using blockchain technology to revolutionize film distribution and monetization, governed by a DAO. It empowers filmmakers, particularly in the indie sector, by providing more control, wider reach, and fairer revenue models.

A recent development to focus on is the expansion of their Advisory Board with industry veterans from IMAX, CBS/Paramount, Entertainment One, and Universal Pictures. This strategic move coincides with the upcoming launch of their innovative streaming platform.

The film distribution industry faces challenges like limited access for indie filmmakers and a narrow selection process by major studios. Vabble addresses these challenges by offering a blockchain-based platform that democratizes film distribution, enabling creators to distribute their films directly to a global audience without traditional barriers.

Vabble’s distinctive approach combines blockchain technology with social streaming experiences. 

The platform is not just a streaming service; it’s a social space where viewers can co-watch films, interact in real-time, and engage with content in a way that’s never been done before. This integration of social elements into film viewing sets Vabble apart in the market.

Think of Vabble as a hybrid snapchat and Netflix combination. The platform caters not only to indie filmmakers by offering control over distribution and monetization but also enhances the viewer experience by fostering a community around film content.

The combination of these features, along with the blockchain technology, ensures a competitive edge by offering a unique, immersive, and interactive experience that goes beyond traditional streaming services.

Vabble’s journey has been marked by several significant milestones that showcase their commitment to innovation in the film distribution and blockchain sector. Key among these has been the development of their blockchain streaming platform and full open sourcing of their smart contracts, which represents a significant leap in how content is distributed and monetized in the digital age.

Another crucial milestone is the strategic assembly of their Advisory Board, bringing together seasoned professionals from IMAX, CBS/Paramount, Entertainment One, and Universal Pictures. Their collective expertise is invaluable in steering their platform towards greater heights.

Looking ahead, Vabble’s development trajectory is focused on several key areas:

  1. Expanding Platform Reach: They plan to extend the availability of the platform to new markets and audiences globally. This includes forming partnerships with film studios, indie filmmakers, and distribution networks to ensure a diverse range of content is available on the platform.
  2. Enhancing User Experience: Continuous improvement of the user interface and streaming experience is Vabble’s priority. They’re incorporating feedback from users to make the platform more intuitive, responsive, and feature-rich. This includes refining their social streaming and co-watch features, making film watching a more interactive and communal experience.
  3. Advanced Blockchain Integration: As blockchain technology evolves, Vabble is committed to integrating advanced features and capabilities. This includes exploring new blockchain protocols and technologies to enhance transparency, security, and efficiency in content monetization and rights management.
  4. Sustainable Growth and Innovation: They are committed to a sustainable growth model that aligns with industry trends and user demands. Innovations in content curation, AI-driven recommendations, and viewer engagement strategies are part of their roadmap.
  5. Community Building and Engagement: Central to their mission is building a vibrant community around film content. They plan to host virtual events, film festivals, and interactive sessions that bring creators and audiences closer.
  6. Education and Advocacy: Part of their mission is to educate the market about the benefits of blockchain in film distribution and to advocate for a more decentralized and equitable entertainment industry.

In conclusion, Vabble’s vision for the future is not just about being a platform for film distribution; it’s about being a catalyst for change in the entertainment industry. By continuously innovating and adapting, they aim to lead the way in the blockchain revolution for film distribution.

Their vision is to redefine film distribution by harnessing the power of blockchain and Web3 technologies. They aim to create a more inclusive, fair, and transparent ecosystem for filmmakers and audiences alike. This is just the beginning of a broader movement towards a decentralized and democratized entertainment industry.

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