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HeLa Incentivized Testnet Launch Marks a New Innovation for Modular Blockchain Layer 1

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HeLa Labs, the first modular Layer-1 blockchain powered by a fiat-backed stablecoin for real-world adoption, has announced the launch of its two incentivized testnet platforms – Atlantia and StableHodl.

Since HeLa’s launch, it has introduced substantial enhancements to the existing blockchain landscape. With a core mission of connecting Web3 technology with real-world requirements, HeLa delivers a next-generation Layer 1 blockchain protocol to revolutionize the industry.

The launch of Atlantia is a crucial step for HeLa because it enables developers to test and improve the network’s functionality and security. It also involves the community in the testing process, for example, by doing activities such as campaigns or tasks that users need to follow.

The second Dapp – StableHodl – is a unique stablecoin Yield Generation platform powered by HeLa Network. Users can stake stable coins on multiple chains (BNB chain, Ethereum, Polygon etc.) and enjoy positive yields in HLUSD – the native stablecoin of HeLa network.

StableHodl has partnered with established crypto exchanges, leverages funding arbitrage within crypto exchanges to optimize returns and generates yield for stablecoin stakers. StableHodl aims to become a leading trusted staking platform and brings good yield to all users in HeLa ecosystem and web3 space.

It will attract diverse participants who actively seek vulnerabilities, enhancing security. We use an EVM parallel so it can also simulate real-world use cases and education, building confidence in the project’s technology, and preparing it for a successful mainnet launch. Currently, the first batch of dApp projects is in the initial pilot phase, which is divided into several categories like launchpads, DeFi, cybersecurity, and gaming.

Andy Ting, Co-founder of HeLa Labs, mentioned,

“We are very excited with the launch of our two Dapps, Atlantia and StableHodl. This represents a significant step forward in the exploration and innovation of what HeLa did in the blockchain Layer 1 technology.”

He also commented, “By participating in Atlantia tasks and staking in StableHodl, users can gain knowledge and skills essential for navigating and contributing to the evolving blockchain landscape. We also hope this is an opportunity for users to get hands-on experience when they try new features, get rewards, and become a part of a dynamic community of Web3 enthusiasts and developers.”

The Atlantia testnet will persist until the mainnet is fully operational. With StableHodl, the Staking pool has begun, users can now stake stable coins and will be able to claim yield on HeLa mainnet. Both Atlantia and StableHodl accepts widely used wallets such as MetaMask, allowing users to easily integrate their wallets into the testnet.

For more information about the testnet, please visit HeLa Labs’ website

About HeLa Labs

HeLa Labs is a modular Layer-1 solution designed by renowned engineers and scientists, with a comprehensive asset integration layer and a robust built-in confidentiality mechanism. The goals are to pioneer the path to a

more interconnected and transformative decentralized Web3 future and establish a secure layer 1 blockchain for real-world adoption.

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