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Halloween Crypto Represent: Last Minute Costume Ideas – Shhh, we Got You

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Updated by Nicole Buckler
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Halloween has turned up fast. Haven’t got an outfit? Are you a crypto lover? Then relax, here are some ideas you can fumble together in a few minutes.

Halloween started in Ireland and was originally known as Samhain. Samhain was the start of the dark half of the year. The Irish have two halves of the year – one light and one dark.

It was on this night – on the cusp of the light half and the dark half – that the veil between this world and the other world (their afterlife) became thin. Ghosts and ghouls could come through to the living and annoy them and upset them.

To keep these bad spirits at bay, the Irish started wearing scary costumes on this night to scare away the ghouls. But, there was an upside. Because the veil between the living and the dead was thin, you could also feel and sense your relatives in the room with you. On Samhain night, still to this day in Ireland, people set a place at the table for dead relatives. They also might fill the dog bowl of a passed-over pet.

Another interesting thing about Samhain is that it falls on the night that magic mushrooms come into season. You can imagine the visions on the night and why the festival became a thing! In fact, in Irish Gaelic, the word for magic mushrooms is the name word as ghosts – púca – or the Anglicized version, pooka.

Samhain to Halloween

When the church came along to Ireland, it wanted to control the minds of the Irish. It took many of their festivals and made them their own by transposing church traditions over them.  The winter solstice became Christmas and so on. But the church didn’t win them all. Samhain wasn’t entirely conquered. It might have been those magic mushies.

The church put Hallow’s Day on top of Samhain. The church asked people to remember the dead, including saints, and martyrs. Hallow’s Eve eventually became Halloween. But Hallow’s eve, the night before this, really wasn’t conquered in Ireland.  It is still called Samhain today. And there are still a lot of magic mushies after the rain.

Americans made Halloween into something different from the original. But now, it’s bigger and better, and typically ostentatious in the American style. And so too, they have done that with crypto costumes on Halloween. Here are some ideas for you to take to the party!

The Blockchain

This suave guy dressed up as the blockchain. And of course, he posted the outfit to Reddit. Which then, naturally turned into an epic thread.


Comments underneath the pic were of every level.

“Damn dude save some pussy for the rest of us.”

“He’s got all the pussy waiting in his Lambo.”

“Bad thing is he cock-blocked himself.”

“Looks like 51% attack.”

“You should be holding forks in your hands.”

“It doubles as a chastity belt.”

“You aren’t decentralized though.”

“Is that a roll of bitcoins in your pocket or are you just happy to see us?”

“I’d throw stuff at people and call it airdrop.”

“Just do some drive-by farting…and yell “AIRDROP!”

“Dude has cryptographically secured his on-going loneliness, and that’s something we don’t have to trust, we can verify.”

“Best superhero ever.”

“But where is the whitepaper?”

This blockchain overlord said, “Someone brought glowsticks and people kept giving them to me so by the end of the night it looked like this.”


Obviously, he upgraded to the Lightening Network.

Any crypto sis seeing this at a party would be immediately in love.

He said, “Most people didn’t get it right away but generally people didn’t have to ask. The whole night I had groups of people with puzzled looks staring at me then one of them would have a lightbulb moment and come over and yell, ‘Are you the blockchain?’ Especially later on with the lights people really liked it, I was pleasantly surprised at the reactions. I had homemade “Bitcoins” in one of the boxes. I gave them out to people. They were just orange pieces of cardboard with the B on them!”

Halloween Crypto Daytrader

This costume is for the crypto bro or sis in the crypto winter.

Halloween crypto costume

All you have to do is find a uniform of any type, and say you have a real job now.

Many a joke has come from crypto skeptics about enthusiasts getting a real job. Well, if you are a crypto trader and you are feeling like you need to thaw from crypto winter, there’s potential in the fast-food industry for you. Good luck!

Bitcoin Barbie

This Bitcoin Barbie needs to become an actual Barbie. Who doesn’t want their little girl to be playing with a hot pink day trader doll? All you need for this outfit is a box and a lot of pink stuff.  Go forth crypto sis, and do your thing.

Halloween crypto costume

Bitcoin Miners

Another great idea is to get a gang and go as Bitcoin miners. You must have one of your victims dress as a Bitcoin, however.

All you need is some lumberjack shirts, a headlamp and strong shoulders. Go forth.

Halloween Doge

This outfit is the best for a very last-minute outfit. As long as you have a printer at home, you can go as Dogecoin. Loved by meme fans, and protected by the overlord of the world, Elon Musk, this is the perfect outfit for any slacker who is forced to socialize at a crypto Halloween party.

Halloween crypto costume

Dress as a fashion NFT

Some IRL outfits look like the crazy outfits that you can buy as NFTs for your avatar. NFT fashion can be as totally bananas as it wants to be, because it is digital. For a costume, interpret that as a real-life outfit. You could make a dress out of aluminum foil just like this lovely lady. She looks ready to be covered in garlic and oil and popped into the oven at 180 degrees.

This is an excellent idea for a last-minute outfit… find your craziest, most embarrassing outfit you bought while you were drunk that one time, and say you are a fashion NFT. You could even mint an NFT of you wearing the outfit, for extra authenticity. Then of course, try to sell that NFT nugget to anyone who will listen to you at the party.

There you go, last minute crypto costumes. Please do tag us on Twitter with your crypto costumes!

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