Grayscale May Have a Secret Chainlink Trust

Updated by Dani Polo
In Brief
  • Grayscale Investments appears to have incorporated a Chainlink Trust.
  • The company has not specifically declared plans to expand into more altcoins for its publically-traded products.
  • More small and mid-cap altcoin trusts have also been incorporated.
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Grayscale Investments appears to have incorporated a Chainlink (LINK) trust, as well as trusts for other smaller-cap altcoins. Are there more trusts on the horizon?

Grayscale Investments has been one of the loudest voices in crypto. And the first firm to offer crypto exposure to institutional investors. 

The company has been a vocal supporter of crypto. And previously said that Ethereum was of greater interest to its clients. So is this the beginning of the institutional foray into altcoins?

Well, according to the State of Delaware, Grayscale’s altcoin trusts are secretly growing in number.

Documents available on the State of Delaware Division of Corporations show several Grayscale products that are not open to the public or listed on its website.

The State of Delaware’s site shows a Grayscale LINK trust Source: Division of Corporations

Perhaps most notable among them is the Chainlink (LINK) Trust. LINK has been one of the hottest and fastest-growing cryptos, which made headlines late last year with its epic rise. It also claims it has over 300 major partnerships. 

A Grayscale Chainlink Trust could be seen as a huge vote of confidence in LINK and altcoins in general. The more publicly-traded entities out there exposed to altcoins, the more the public will understand the power of these technologies.

Of note, incorporating an entity doesn’t necessarily mean that Grayscale has already been accumulating LINK or is buying today’s dip. 

The documents on Delaware’s site only point to the existence of such a Trust. What is inside remains unknown, and the connection between Grayscale and this trust is speculative at best.

But the list of Grayscale trusts on Delaware’s Corporation Filing website goes beyond just Chainlink. Aside from the products advertised on Grayscale’s website, there are several new trusts that filed paperwork late last year. And they aren’t on Grayscale’s site.

These include headlining cryptocurrencies such as Filecoin (FIL) and Decentraland (MANA). These two have gained traction in 2020, and Filecoin had a huge network launch.

Surprisingly, some mid and small-cap alts are also seen in the list, such as Livepeer (LPT) and Horizen (ZEN).

Grayscale currently offers crypto exposure to the public. Source:

All these corporate entities are filed with the Delaware Trust Company in Wilmington, Delaware. Delaware, a US state with less than one million, is famously attractive because of the corporate-friendly tax laws. 

A New Direction

Grayscale’s current offerings include diversified trusts and trusts that offer exposure to nine different crypto assets separately. The company had not announced any definite plans to expand into other crypto assets. 

In January 2021, Barry Silbert stepped down as head of Grayscale Investments, which has over $27 billion in crypto assets. Silbert said he wanted to focus on other crypto initiatives, but he certainly left a mark on the landscape of publicly-traded companies. 

Michael Sonnenshein took over as CEO. It’s unclear if these new trusts are related to the transition of power in the company.


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