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Google Updated Its Core Search Algorithm Yesterday, Continues Tinkering

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Updated by Kyle Baird
According to a recent announcement, Google is releasing its broad core algorithm update today. The update will change some aspects of the search algorithm to improve results and make them more relevant.
The June 2019 Core Update for the world’s top search algorithm is happening today. The update is less of a ‘fix’ and more about making improvements. Supposed low-quality content is not being targetted, instead, Google is merely improving the relevance of its search results for users. Google periodically updates its core algorithm, tinkering with it a few times a year. For those involved in search engine optimization work, these updates generally come with a shake-up of its search rankings. They are designed to make search results more ‘intelligent,’ but how exactly it will affect existing websites’ page rankings can’t be predicted.

What to Expect

The new update will likely cause search results to be more hectic than usual for a week to ten days, however, the everyday user probably won’t even notice. The update does not target any particular niches. It is, after all, a broad core update, so niche websites are safe. The improvements will mainly be made to Google’s algorithm as it pertains to relevance. Google

Google Always Tinkering

Because Google changes its algorithm so often, many website owners have complained that their page rankings are too volatile. Given that too many users rely on its visibility for their businesses, this has been a significant headache. A page that was previously ranked first for a particular keyword could very well plummet to the third page just from these minor algorithmic changes. Google never discloses exactly how its algorithm works, but the volatility of the code itself has been criticized. Compared to a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, where ‘code is law,’ you can see a stark difference in how digital infrastructure is viewed. For Google, the code is not transparent and always changing despite holding millions of businesses in its control. Maybe the tech giant should take Bitcoin’s approach by establishing clear algorithmic fundamentals and not changing them. Will Google’s algorithmic update change search results significantly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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