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Get Ready for the Release of ILO and NFT Features on Planet Wars

4 mins
26 November 2021, 11:44 GMT+0000
Updated by Shilpa Lama
26 November 2021, 11:47 GMT+0000

Have you ever wished to be part of something bigger? To have the opportunity to invest in a platform that has both Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) and NFT services and is ready to influence the cryptocurrency market?  

Planet Wars comes with good news as they will do an ILO on its token and the platform will have NFT features. The launch dates are approaching, with the debut of ILO Gold on December 1 and the NFT Planet Drop on December 13.  

Going further, the platform serves as an excellent place for newbies to start their cryptocurrency journey. Let’s find more about what the Planet Wars has to offer.

ILO gold and NFT planet drop  

Planet Wars has created a fantastic universe for users where they can find an environment designed for NFT technology. Players will compete using planet defenses and spaceships to gain tokens. As it expands, the platform brings more pleasant news for both investors and users who want to participate in the project. The first two events, as stated in the roadmap, will be as follows:  

  • The launch of ILO Gold will provide the platform’s token with tradability and price stability. This launch will include a Gold/BUSD ILO with a maximum of 5 million gold sold. If all tokens in the ILO are sold, the price of gold will be $0.2 per unit, resulting in a maximum revenue of $1 million.  
  • The NFT Planet Drop differs from the first launch as it will be followed by the dropping of all planets in the Planet Wars universe, with a total of 1,123 planets and their prices steadily rising. This debut serves a purpose on each planet. To give you a better idea, the first planet is sold for 0.5 BNB, while the price of each planet after that rises by 0.005 BNB for each planet sold.  
  • A planet can only be purchased once, and the last planet is priced at 6.11 BNB. The characteristics of the planets will not be revealed before or after purchase; they will only be revealed once every planet has been sold or 30 days from the start of the launch.

Planet Wars  

The platform is a play-to-earn space warfare game built on the Binance Smart Chain, incorporating NFT, DeFi, and gamification concepts. This universe was created so that you could compete with other players by using planets, defenses, and spaceships to earn tokens. It has been created as a result of two companies that have been collaborating for years:  

Scaling Parrots: Game Owner  

Real Loud Marketing: Marketing Owner  

Planet Wars is a subdomain of GameFi, which combines decentralized finance with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The GameFi games are not designed to be play-to-win but to be play-to-earn. While playing, you can earn tokens by looting other planets and topping weekly scoreboards.  

The universe’s planets come with unique characteristics that influence the game’s bonuses. The entire code for reconstructing the image is saved entirely on-chain, within the smart contract that governs the game. This is made possible by SVG images: a vector format that allows the generation of infinitely scalable images via XML tags. 

Key features  

Everything you should know about this platform is that they offer numerous services and products from which you can benefit. This universe revolves around 1,123 planets NFTs, each with its own set of characteristics that influence the game bonuses available on each planet. The coordinates, name, size, temperature K, habitability, color, and satellite slot are more important.  

Aside from that, each planet has its own design, which takes up most of the planet’s metadata. This design provides more options for the planet’s surface, which includes four diverse types of surfaces based on the planet’s habitability, satellites and asteroids, and background. The Planet Wars universe’s economy and decentralized finance are based on three resources with standard ERC-20 tokens, having their own functionality and tokenomics. These resources are as follows:  

  • Gold: This is used as a bargaining chip for the entire Planet Wars ecosystem and a means of payment for the minting of all battle and structure NFTs. It has a total cap of 100 million, with 25 million pre-minted tokens dedicated to the ILO as a reward for sponsorship and destined for the corporate treasury.  
  • Hydrogen: It serves as the fuel for the movement of NFT spaceships. Consider this resource to be an asset like ETH in the Ethereum blockchain. The more it is consumed during the game, the less there is in the system and the higher the price. Every time a hydro token is stolen through pillaging, a portion of the stolen loot is lost and thus burned, just like every other resource in the game. The launch will create a pancake liquidity pool in which 50 million hydrogens will be pooled with 1 million gold at an initial price of 50:1.  
  • Iron: The final resource is used to construct base tokens for structure spaceships and defenses. The difference is that Iron is not a limited resource. Unlike Hydrogen, the amount of Iron minted daily decreases over time. When a ship begins the building process and spends a certain amount of Iron tokens, the burning process will begin. When a structure, ship, or defense is destroyed in a battle, the owner recovers 70% of the Iron used in construction, while 30% is lost and thus burned. The last resource to be released after the hydrogen will occur with creating a pancake liquidity pool in which 20 million irons are pooled with 1 million gold, resulting in an initial price of 20:1.

Ending Note  

This universe is designed for both investors and individuals, newcomers or those looking for something new and creative. Prepare to embark on this journey and obtain your own planet to join this universe full of mystery and creativity.  

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