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GET Protocol Partners Yourticketprovider to Bring NFTs to Masses

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NFT ticketing project GET Protocol, having issued nearly a million on-chain event tickets since 2016, has just released what is a major milestone for mainstream NFT adoption in the onboarding of Yourticketprovider.

As one of the biggest players in the Dutch ticketing industry, the integration marks a big milestone for the protocol, while placing Yourticketprovider first in line to enjoy the benefits of current and future NFT ticketing innovations.

The Digital Twin explained

There is an enormous interest in the possibilities that NFTs bring to the ticketing industry. The Digital Twin product has been designed specifically for existing ticketing companies looking to take advantage of these benefits without extensive integration efforts or risk whatsoever to their ongoing ticketing efforts.

What happens from a technical perspective is that an NFT copy is created of every ticket issued; thus allowing business as usual for the integrating ticketing company, while opening the door for a variety of added features such as value capture in the secondary market and tickets becoming digital collectibles for fans.

Every ticket issued requires the GET Protocol’s utility token (GET) to process ticket sales and interactions, which are all handled behind the scenes by the protocol. Ticket transactions are registered on Polygon and can be viewed on GET Protocol’s NFT Ticket Explorer.

Going beyond the QR code

Founded in 2012, Yourticketprovider currently averages over 2 million tickets per year, servicing a variety of industries, with a focus on theaters and cinemas. Ytp has a track record of looking beyond the QR code and focussing wider on the full experience of the ticket buyer.

Bart Peute, CEO of Yourticketprovider: ‘Thanks to this unique integration with the GET protocol we will help organizers to enter, explore and monetize the many opportunities of this new online space using NFTs, for example, a more secure secondary market, pre-funding events, and selling digital merchandise. Also to a visitor, a ticket is much more than a barcode and we now support the full visitor journey and experience offline and online.’

Designed for scaling

In introducing the Digital Twin product for existing ticketing companies, a new chapter is marked in GET Protocol’s continued road to worldwide adoption. This move will help fine-tune the product and discover its full potential while gearing up for more integrations on a larger scale.

Maarten Bloemers, CEO of GET Protocol: ‘We are thrilled with this move, as we are looking to develop the NFT ticketing use case as widely and thoroughly as possible. In Yourticketprovider we have a great initial partner for the Digital Twin product, showing that they are open to innovation. That’s a mindset we are hoping to come across more and more, as we show the world what a ticket is capable of.’

What’s next?

Following the Digital Twin release, the GET Protocol team of blockchain developers and UX experts is going to push out new features and updates that will allow mainstream audiences worldwide to enjoy the benefits of the latest technology.

Any ticketing company can easily supplement their ticketing with Digital Twins of their own through an easy integration process and zero impact on their current operations.

About GET Protocol

GET Protocol has been issuing and optimizing blockchain-registered tickets since 2016. In doing so, various benefits have been uncovered, such as the elimination of scalping, monetization of the secondary market, and the possibility of using tickets as digital collectibles. For more, visit


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