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Gensokishi Online to Sell Genso Metaverse Land in December

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Gensokishi Online is going to sell GENSO Metaverse land in December.

Cryptocurrencies and games have established a relationship recently. Game developers have begun offering video games with in-game currencies and NFTs. But there are numerous games out there, and choosing the best is always a pain.

Let us introduce you to Gensokishi Online; the platform has over ten years of experience in the gaming realm. Gensokishi Online aspires to use blockchain technology and its offshoots to provide a fun and engaging gaming experience as well as a new fantasy world economy on the metaverse.

On November 30, 2022, the game was officially released with a license from Elemental Knights. Let us take a detailed look at what Gensokishi Online is all about.

What is Gensokishi Online?

GensoKishi Online” was created with a license from the Japanese 3DMMO “Elemental Knights Online.” It was first released as an online game in Japan.

Since then, it has been made available on a number of platforms, including PlayStation 4, Google Play, and the App Store.

Did you know?

Anyone can create an account, play the game for free, and buy and sell NFT items and tokens after the company launched its new blockchain-based service. In addition, entities will be able to buy property in the metaverse through the User Generated Content system.

“We would like to share the GENSO metaverse with all users; you can build your own house and maps and other services on LAND.” “And having interactive functions with the game GensoKishi Online.” “Including B2B and B2C business schemes, there is much more potential beyond it.” 

said Maxi, CEO of GENSO

“Gensokishi Online-Meta World” released

The MMORPG game “Gensokishi Online: Meta World” was officially released on November 30. Avatars and in-game items will be traded as NFTs in the new web3 release. The Genso metaverse will be a virtual environment made up of 3DMMO and an economy powered by the Polygon blockchain.

This eagerly anticipated game is a 3D MMORPG with a user base that is already active and a fully functional 3D metaverse that connects players from all over the world at once.

Dungeons are visited, monsters are slain alongside friends, and real-time communication with other players from around the globe is possible.

How to download Gensokishi Online?

Android users can download the game from here
iOS users can download the game from here

Gensokishi Online to sell Metaverse LAND

Land parcels (LAND) make up Genso’s fantasy metaverse. Different businesses and people can buy and own LAND in the Genso metaverse to build distinctive virtual spaces. If that virtual area gains popularity, the value of that LAND will rise, increasing the potential for profit when it is sold.

Using Genso’s $MV token, anyone can create 3D NFTs such as structures, objects, and avatars. Building NFTs can be used to construct venues for a range of Genso experiences.

These include musical performances, art exhibitions, fashion shows, games, quests, and competitions. Item NFTs are 3D objects that can be utilized in the Genso metaverse to furnish your home with accessories and other items.

Genso will release the LAND Viewer in December 2022, allowing users to see the distribution of LAND within Genso’s many regions. LAND sales are set to begin in December, and a future UGC function will allow users to create their kingdoms and maps.

To commemorate the launch of LAND, GENSO is giving away three free 1×1 LAND to three lucky winners. The winners will be chosen from the community.

See here for the 1×1 LAND giveaway.

What is UGC?

The term “User Generated Content” (UGC) describes content created by users. As implied by the phrase “UGC to Earn,” those who have staked more MV tokens than a specific threshold will be given permission to include UGC in their games.

Users can display and sell costumes on LAND’s stage. Through UGC, cosplay equipment can be redesigned. Users could, for instance, work with a celebrity to produce and market their design or even modify the celebrity’s design to produce their own. Users can create maps and towns on LAND, sell them, or rent them out to make money.

“UGC is the very important highlighted function to let GENSO users create their own objects in GENSO metaverse. Such as a house, items, characters, and monsters or art. To play with your UGC items or sell them at the marketplace.” “Also there are special UGC materials dropping in the game; this will bring more engagement both into the LAND and the game GensoKishi.” 

said Maxi, CEO of GENSO


Gensokishi Online is revolutionizing blockchain and gaming. With its array of features, the game allows users to earn passive income in multiple ways. Users can earn income by hosting events, publishing games, setting up videos, ads, and booths, displaying the trophies of their adventures, organizing a fan club, etc.

The project’s (LAND/GENSO) whitepaper would be a good place to start if you want a more thorough understanding of the game and its various elements.

To receive news and updates regularly, follow Gensokishi Online on social media:

Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Telegram (Chinese)  


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