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Big Cross-Metaverse Event: OVER and Decentraland

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Over The Reality (OVER) is an Augmented Reality (AR) platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. 

OVER’s users can experience interactive augmented reality experiences tailored to the real world with a mobile smartphone or smart glass.

The platform’s major goal is to give the impression that reality and virtuality coexist in the same space. It serves as a bridge between the virtual and real world.

OVER offers technology that integrates various sorts of content, including 2D and 3D video and audio, into the immediate surroundings.

The company plans for long-term success. As a part of it, it has recently announced a partnership with Decentraland, a browser-based platform for a 3D virtual environment. The first project that came as a result of the partnership was a huge cross-metaverse music event, Decentraland’s Metaverse Music Festival 2022.

One of the biggest Cross-Metaverse events in history

The emerging web3 platforms collaborated at one of the arguably biggest Metaverse Music events in the world, which happened from November 10–13, 2022.

Did you know?

With nearly 2 billion Spotify streams, the international DJ “Regard” has achieved enormous success with songs like “Secrets” and “Ride It,” which went viral on TikTok.

Regard was the event’s headlining performer. He shared the stage with Nicola Fasano, a popular artist with 275 million YouTube views. Joining them was Jamis, the producer of “Let it Bleed,” Dan:Ros, a DJ and producer, and beatboxing pro Azel. Ozzy Osbourne and Soulja Boy were just a couple of the other musicians who took part in the historic occasion.

Users also had the choice of entering the Decentraland metaverse to view the DJ performance in video format. They could also opt for the OVER metaverse via the QR code on the OVER stage for a more visually stunning augmented reality (AR) experience.

In actuality, OVER’s photorealistic AR technology allows users to freely interact with people all over the world. This was actually possible in real time using unique, personalized 3D avatars through the OVER App.

Record numbers for the music festival on OVER

The Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival 2022 was a huge success for OVER’s participation. From a technical perspective, it was able to achieve eye-popping results thanks to the experience.

Around the OVER Stage, which was built inside of Decentraland and in OVER, people from all over the world were able to congregate. Attendees watched their avatars dance using in-world animations as they listened to performances by well-known international artists.

Did you know?

OVER marketplace opens to clothes and accessories

For the first time, Over the Reality opens the Marketplace to apparel and accessories. With the new Marketplace feature, the community can buy and digitally wear works created by 3D artists and fashion brands.

Without dress codes, users can most effectively express their digital identities as unique items are created using a combination of colors, materials, art, and technology.

This launch is significant for a number of reasons:

  • It enables users to express their individual styles by selecting and buying 3D clothing made by international 3D designers and digital stylists.
  • It enables users to buy coveted collectibles, useful for beginning or putting together their collection of digital assets.
  • Over itself unveils its first line of digitally wearable NFT dresses.

Decentraland and OVER – a successful collaboration?

The OVER team and the Decentraland team had a great time working together on the project. Both teams had a great chance to get together, dance, mingle, and engage with the neighborhood at the event. Any successful business relies on partnerships, especially if long-term success is to be ensured.

How to become a part of OVER?

Users can visit this link and explore OVER to examine how they can become a part of it.

In light of this, Decentraland’s Metaverse Music Festival 2022, one of the biggest cross-metaverse events ever, was attended by Over the Reality’s recent collaboration with Decentraland (MANA). The numbers speak for themselves, and indeed, it was a successful collaboration.

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