Flare Community Approves DOGE

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In Brief
  • The Flare community has voted to add DOGE.

  • This could mean an F-DOGE token, with smart contract capabilities.

  • Flare appears to be increasing the number of tokens it plans to add to the ecosystem.

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The Flare Community has voted on Twitter that they like DOGE. Could the memecoin become the next asset to enter the Flare ecosystem?



Doge Added to Flare?

The team behind the long-awaited XRP airdrop over December 2020 has asked its community on Twitter what they think of DOGE. The official poll showed for sure that Flare supporters want to see one of the original vanguards of crypto on the Flare network.



The Jan. 21 referendum wanted to know if DOGE could become an F-asset on Flare. Of those responding, 53.1% backed DOGE’s introduction.

Previously, Flare said they are adding support for XRP. The Spark Token airdrop for XRP holders helped lead to a price surge in XRP late last year. However, that occurred just before the token’s plummet as a result of an SEC lawsuit calling it a security

Just a few weeks ago, Flare quietly announced they would be adding support for Litecoin (LTC). They discussed some kind of airdrop involving Litecoin. However, it now seems that this may happen after the Flare network launch originally scheduled for Q1 2021.

The Path to Doge

Flare Networks CEO Hugo Philion said that crypto protocols should have value behind them in order to be properly implemented.

Source: Twitter

While Flare network has about 64,000 followers, 11,546 responders cast votes in favor of DOGE.

On Jan 19, 2021, the Flare Community had another poll about which crypto should be added next, and the community chose XLM.

However, a popular reply by crypto enthusiast Ryan Prentiss pointed out that DOGE support would, “break the crypto internet.”

Two days later, the poll about DOGE appeared on Twitter.

Flare, Spark, and F-Assets

The Flare network, which is supported by XRP creators Ripple Labs, is meant to add blockchain functions like smart contracts to types of crypto that don’t already have it built in.

This will happen via F-assets, 1:1 off-chain equivalents of normal assets. For example, F-XRP will be the same as XRP, only on the Flare chain with the capabilities therein. Now, devs can write smart contracts for XRP, and execute them, as long they are carried out on FXRP.

The Spark token, which is being airdropped to XRP holders, is a fork of XRP. It will have utility, though the exact functions remain unclear before the launch of the network.

With the addition of LTC, and the possible additions of XLM and DOGE, Flare may find itself competing with Ethereum-killers Polkadot and Layer-2 solutions like Matic or xDai for some of the smart contract market share. It is not clear for sure if DOGE will follow LTC’s path based on the community’s recommendation. 

Whether or not the internet will break remains to be seen.


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