First Charity Project Using NFT: All Profits From Sales To Be Donated

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Gracone Inc., whose representative director is Mai Fujimoto and which operates KIZUNA HUB, a platform connecting ideas that change society through SDGs x Blockchain, will donate approximately $12,000 (JPY 1.3 million) in sales collected as of March 2021.

The donation was acquired from the sales of “Explore the History of Bitcoin with Satoshi.” The first product created by ATH Sisters, a duo that includes representative director Mai Fujimoto and Ven, a voxel artist who leads a Japanese team on the blockchain game “The Sandbox.”  The game is a visual work that depicts a future in which blockchain is widespread. Created by filmmaker VJyou (Yu Ayato), the blockchain game sold on the NFT (non-fungible token) platform Rarible.

The proceeds will be donated to certified NPO DxP, headquartered in Osaka City, Osaka. Chief director Noriaki Imai will use the funds to provide food and sanitary products to support young people in need and suffering due to Covid-19.

The hopes and aims of the KIZUNA NFT charity project

The KIZUNA NFT charity project follows the phrase and philosophy in Japan called sanpo yoshi, meaning ‘good for all three sides’ – the three sides being the seller, the customer and society. The phrase perfectly represents the NFT charity project. When fans purchase NFT artwork, they will not only be joyful about receiving the work, but they will also be able to support those in need.

Simply promoting low fees and transparency has not been enough to raise the expected amount of donations. Therefore a mechanism to attract more donations has been considered.

In addition to the elements of sanpo yoshi, the NFT charity is looking to make donating more fun by adding entertainment features. This is our first project, but we are planning to engage in continuous collaboration with wonderful artists who support our movement.

Noriaki Imai, chief director of certified NPO D×P, said,

“Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, those in their teens who can’t depend on their parents and live alone have consulted us saying that they barely have any cash left. We have provided over 4,000 meals and have distributed over $27,500 (JPY 3 million) in cash.

We also began supporting those who have told us that they don’t have enough money to buy essential products and sanitary products and are unable to go to work or school. The number of inquiries we receive is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, the number of people seeking our help has outpaced the number compared to the same period last year.

Receiving donations under such circumstances means we have more supporters who will help us and that’s encouraging.”

Mai Fujimoto, representative director of Gracone, said,

“On the surface, it feels as if the spread of Covid-19 in Japan has settled down, but as chief director Noriaki Imai of certified NPO D×P mentioned, the number of requests from young people in Japan suffering from the effects of Covid-19 has increased since the previous year.

Understanding the situation and continuing to extend a helping hand is crucial. Gracone will continue to flexibly engage in charity projects using NFTs to meet the needs of society, including activities related to sustainable development goals (SDGs) like Covid-19 relief, poverty and environmental conservation.

We will promote the usefulness of NFTs in economic activities and the purpose of blockchain platforms while expanding awareness of NFTs as a scheme that accepts efficient electronic processes for expressing intent and making payments.”

About Gracone representative director Mai Fujimoto

Mai Fujimoto is known domestically and internationally as Miss Bitcoin. She has been promoting the spread of Bitcoin around the world since 2011. The company raises awareness of use cases for cryptocurrencies and blockchain for social good.

It began operating the cryptocurrency donation platform KIZUNA in 2017 and started using social goods integrating blockchain as an infrastructure in 2020. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the company collaborated with the Binance Charity Foundation to raise approximately $78,500 (JPY 8.55 million) in cryptocurrencies, and donated masks and medical gowns to medical and welfare facilities.

In January 2021, it rallied for a partnership with Enjin for NFT charities, which is currently in development.

About ATH Sisters

ATH Sisters includes representative director Mai Fujimoto of Gracone, known as Miss Bitcoin, and voxel artist Ven, who leads a Japanese team on the blockchain game, “The Sandbox.” “Explore the History of Bitcoin with Satoshi” is the first work created by ATH Sisters. It was decided that all profits from sales through March 2021 would be donated. Donations consisting of 20% of the revenue and 50% of the royalties will continue. The donations will be made to an NPO supporting those in their teens who are having trouble making ends meet due to the spread of Covid-19.

ATH Sisters will also be exhibiting in the Crypto Art Fes 2021 (April 10, 2021, 16:00 JST – April 18, 2021, 22:00 JST) virtual exhibition space Conata. Over 90 artists from around the world will be participating in this exhibition. It is one of the world’s largest crypto art festivals, with around 300 works including art (illustrations), music, VR art and avatars on exhibition.

About Ven

Ven is a voxel artist who leads a Japanese team on the blockchain game, “The Sandbox.” Ven conveys the fun world of voxel art using unique worldviews that have stories. Representative works include “Miss Bitcoin,” “Satoshi” and “SebSamurai.”

About VJyou

VJyou specializes in producing interactive and organic images that combine live-action and programming. VJyou has presented works at UNESCO Dance Congress and the 75th Agency for Cultural Affairs National Arts Festival, recently became active as a crypto artist using VR and presents works with a focus on foundation.


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