Can Edward Snowden Pentagon Papers NFT Sell Out Like Donald Trump Digital Trading Cards?

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10 January 2023, 20:44 GMT+0000
Updated by Ryan James
10 January 2023, 20:44 GMT+0000
In Brief
  • Edward Snowden will auction NFTs memorializing Daniel Ellsberg Pentagon papers on Thursday. 3 PM EST.
  • The sales of Donald Trump Digital Trading Card NFTs, are currently down from a peak of 2,855 to 96.
  • Will the Edward Snowden NFTs sell out like Donald Trump's Digital Trading Card?
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The whistleblower Edward Snowden will auction NFT artwork via a live stream. Will it sell out like Donald Trump Digital Trading Cards?

The crypto winter is no hindrance for public figures to drop their NFT collections. PleasrDAO announced PleasrHouse’s first episode with the whistleblowers Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg, where they will auction NFT artwork for Freedom of the Press. The show will be live at 3 PM EST Thursday.

Last month, another American public figure, former President Donald Trump, released trading card NFTs.

The NFT Artwork for the Freedom of the Press

Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg have collaborated to auction Ethereum NFTs for their respective causes, according to a Decrypt report

Chris Eberle, the head of marketing at PleasrDAO, says that Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg came up with the idea to co-create a piece paying tribute to Ellsberg and his release of the Pentagon Papers in 1971, titled “Wouldn’t You Go to Prison to Help End This War?”

This is not the first NFT release from Edward Snowden. Earlier in April 2021, he auctioned an NFT titled ‘Stay Free’ for Freedom of the Press Foundation. Edward Snowden has been supportive of cryptocurrencies and refers to them as the next stage of money.

Edward Snowden Made a Sarcastic Remark to Donald Trump Digital Trading Cards 

In mid-December last year, the former President jumped on the NFT bandwagon with the Donald Trump Digital Trading Cards. The NFTs got sold out within hours and raised approximately 648 ETH, roughly $785,000 as per the ETH rate during the sale.

The Trump NFTs offered various perks like dinner with the former president and a round of golf on the Trump estate. However, within a month, the NFTs lost momentum. The floor price is down to 0.17 ETH from a peak of 0.84 ETH, while the NFT sales are down from 2,855 to 96, according to OpenSea.

Donald Trump Digital Trading Card sales
Source: OpenSea

Edward Snowden passed a sarcastic remark, “What happened to us?” on the Donald Trump NFTs. With the expected NFT release from the whistleblower, it will be worth spectating if his NFTs sell out like Donal Trump Digital Trading Cards.

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