The team at BeInCrypto is comprised of some of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry’s best and brightest. Each team member adheres to a strict set of journalistic principles and ethics in order to provide readers with only the highest-quality content.

We also all have a passion for injecting transparency and honesty into the cryptocurrency space. As such, we actively seek to identify disingenuous reporting, fishy ICOs, exit scams, and other non-transparent actions in a space meant to provide transparency.

112 Employees From All Over The World

Alena Afanaseva CEO
Dani Polo Chief Digital Officer
Jessica Lloyd Global Business Development Manager
Airí Chaves Writer
Jenya Likhodey Writer
Jose Lanz Writer
Kornel Gajewski Translator
Ali Raza Writer
Célia Heléne Astrid Simon Translator
Daniel Ramirez Escudero Editor in Chief
Francis Dufour Editor in chief
Rahul Nambiampurath Writer
Luis Blanco Editor, writer and translator.
Nanok Bie Global Editor in Chief
Natalia Soboleva Translator
Shilpa Lama Editor of Commercial and Partner Content
Stéphane Dupont Translator
Tanya Chepkova Editor in Chief
Valdrin Tahiri Technical Analyst & Writer
Vivian Vy Writer
Anastasiya Gnetova Designer
Gwen Phan Designer
Dani Polo Chief Digital Officer
Volodymyr Denysiuk Developer
Aleksandr Sukhachev Developer
Heslei Oliveira Social Media Manager
Fernando Fierro Social Media Manager
VI Vi Editor & Social Media Manager

Our Employees



81Alena Afanaseva pos:1

Alena Afanaseva

Alena Afanaseva is one of the co-founders, permanent leaders and motivators of the BeInCrypto team. As a well-known Russian Financial Analyst in the past and a former Managing Editor of ‘Currency Speculator’ Magazine, Alena is knowledgeable on all topics related to macroeconomics, monetary policy, fundamental analysis of financial assets (both crypto and traditional), the future of blockchain and the current state of crypto regulation in Eastern Europe and Middle Eastern countries. Furthermore, Alena’s background allows her to share the experience and perception of online news media business and the strategies behind building a world-known multi-language crypto news outlet.
2Dani Polo pos:2
Chief Digital Officer

Dani Polo

Dani Polo is the Head of SEO at For over seven years, Daniel provided SEO for companies ranging from small businesses all the way up to Fortune 500 corporations. He is heavily focused on Fintech and Finance sector. Daniel earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. He also has certifications from YCombinator Startup School, SEMRush and Hubspot. He’s currently focused on machine learning and artificial intelligence.
214Jessica Lloyd pos:4
Global Business Development Manager

Jessica Lloyd

Jess graduated in the United Kingdom with a Biology degree and then spent several years managing communications for companies in the United Arab Emirates, Africa and South East Asia. She believes that bridging the education gap is a vital step in mainstream understanding of what emerging technologies can offer societies worldwide.
13063Cátia Carina Ferreira Neno Amarantes Pereira pos:9999
Head Of Recruitment

Cátia Carina Ferreira Neno Amarantes Pereira

Born and raised in Portugal, now based in the United Kingdom. Cátia leads the full life-cycle recruitment at She lived in many different countries and speaks several languages together with her law background studies she ended up in Human Resources due to her passion to advocate for others. Cátia has an immense passion for blockchain technology and emerging technology.
21118Daniel Kisluk pos:9999
Chief Marketing Officer

Daniel Kisluk

Daniel is a Marketing & Business leader who works with Technology & Startups for over ten years. Daniel believes that creative & analytical capacities are the building blocks of achieving meaningful breakthroughs. In addition to directing the marketing department at BIC, he is also acting as an advisor for European VCs.
21090Joanne Eberhardt pos:9999
Head of European Accounts

Joanne Eberhardt

Joanne Eberhardt heads the European accounts and sales department at In 2007 Joanne began her career in advertising at a startup in NYC, which rapidly grew out of a dilapidated SoHo loft into an 8-figure acquisition. She continued her career to explore startups involved with AI and cloud computing and in 2016 became deeply involved with Blockchain organizations. This experience fuelled the belief that the possibilities of technology are limitless and the opportunities it can bring to the world are invaluable.


20876Airí Chaves pos:20

Airí Chaves

A fan of words, Airí discovered in content marketing the opportunity to combine her academic education with her passion for writing. Digital nomad for more than three years, she travels the world spreading the word about cryptocurrencies.
20878Jenya Likhodey pos:26

Jenya Likhodey

Jenya is a crypto enthusiast with more than five years of experience. She started as a writer in a Russian fintech-journal and then decided to concentrate on crypto and blockchain technology.
212Jose Lanz pos:29

Jose Lanz

José Lanz is a Venezuelan lawyer, professor and writer with a background in economics, specializing in strategic planning. Lanz currently focuses on covering the world of cryptocurrencies, fintech and blockchain technologies. His work has appeared in several English-language publications. Before getting fully involved in this world, he used to write for several local Spanish-language publications on a variety of topics. Also, Lanz is a strong believer that chocolate is better than coffee.
20879Kornel Gajewski pos:32

Kornel Gajewski

Having tried his luck in internet sales, Kornel moved on to other things. He is flient in English and provides translation services as a hobby. Professionally emerging fromthe health care business, he has a lot of experience in direct contact with people and their problems. He has been involved in cryptocurrencies since 2017.
19423Adam McCarthy pos:9999
Growth Hacker Intern & Writer

Adam McCarthy

Adam is working in London while studying for a self-paced MicroMasters in Data, Economics and Public Development online with MITx. Before this he studied at Trinity College Dublin where he first became interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain. First writing for a university publication on cryptocurrency in 2015, Adam has been writing about and following the crypto economy ever since.
18921Albert Dansa pos:9999
News Writer

Albert Dansa

Albert has been digging into the blockchain ecosystem since 2017, studying and continuously monitoring the decentralized finance sector.
17985Alexandre Mendes pos:9999

Alexandre Mendes

Alexandre works as a copywriter for BeInCrypto, writing about the main news about the crypto market and the economy in general. Before joining the Brazilian´s website team, he participates in projects related to trading, news production and educational content related to cryptocurrencies. Graduating in Administration, he is pursuing a Postgraduate Degree in Investments and Blockchain at EA Banking School.
9447Alexandra Kons pos:9999
Editor in Chief

Alexandra Kons

Alex completed her Bachelor's Degree in Oriental and Asian Studies at the Friedrich Wilhelms University of Bonn, then studied German as a foreign language at the Goethe Institute and completed her Master's Degree in Arabic studies at the Free University of Berlin. She has been working as a crypto journalist since 2017.
153Ali Raza pos:9999

Ali Raza

Ali is a journalist with experience in web journalism and marketing. Ali holds a Master's Degree in Finance and enjoys writing about cryptocurrencies and fintech. His work has been published on a number of cryptocurrency publications.
21117Ana Gabriela Ojeda pos:9999
Spanish Writer

Ana Gabriela Ojeda

Ana Gabriela is a Venezuelan lawyer, specialist in Blockchain & Cryptoassets with double certification: INSEAD (France Business School) and University Of Michigan (USA).She´s the CEO of Legalrocks lawyers, the first venezuelan law firm Specialized in Blockchain & Fintech and Cryptoassets, where she´s a corporate advisor for several fintech companies in Latin America. Among them, cryptocurrency exchanges and NFT'S. Also been a speaker at numerous national and international events. She´s also an active member of the Venezuelan Institute of Technological Law (INVEDET) as well as the Peruvian Society of Law (SPD). Currently is an article writer for the web portal: where she shares blockchain & cryptoassets news and content.
23023Andrés Peña pos:9999

Andrés Peña

Periodista científico de Santiago de Chile. Con larga experiencia en la divulgación e inversionista de criptomonedas autodidacta. Busca empoderar a las personas a través de la información.
21098Ana Nives Radovic pos:9999

Ana Nives Radovic

Ana Nives is researcher with the background in economy and law who entered the blockchian world in 2012 and decided to write her second Master and PhD thesis in that field. Most of the time she provides interdisciplinary courses that connect FinTech with other sciences, publishes handbooks and expands the global educational network.
23191Alla Rudneva pos:9999
Account Manager

Alla Rudneva

Alla received her Bachelor's degree in Political Science with honors. Her journey and curiosity of the cryptographic technology, Fintech, DeFi began in 2021, while she taking several courses on Blockchain technology. She believes distributed ledger technology, decentralization, privacy will play a big role in our future society.
20014Bilgehan Tok pos:9999

Bilgehan Tok

Bilgehan is based in Turkey. Since the launch of Bitcoin, Bilgehan has been investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. He spends his time researching and producing content about their place in changing economic systems.
30Kyle Baird pos:9999
News Editor

Kyle Baird

Kyle migrated from the East Coast USA to South-East Asia after graduating from East Stroudsburg University. He began trading and writing about cryptocurrencies in 2016, and has been an avid investor in stocks and precious metals since his teens.
4154Célia Heléne Astrid Simon pos:9999

Célia Heléne Astrid Simon

Born and raised in France and now based in Guadalajara, Mexico, Célia is a qualified, sworn and general translator from English to French and from Spanish to French.
7166Cristobal Garcia pos:9999

Cristobal Garcia

Cristóbal is a Venezuelan crypto-enthusiast attracted by investments and new digital money paradigm. Cristóbal has been working in the cryptocurrency industry for 3 years, performing mainly in marketing positions.
16963Daniel Okorafor pos:9999

Daniel Okorafor

Daniel is an avid blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast. He gained interest in the digital asset space in 2017. Since then, he started writing educational content to spread the word on the distributed ledger technology.
384Daniel Ramirez Escudero pos:9999
Editor in Chief

Daniel Ramirez Escudero

Editor in Chief of in Spanish. He has experience operating as a scalp trader in the futures on the DAX market. Enthusiast of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for their significance, fond of geopolitics and follower of the new financial revolution since the beginning of 2017, day by day he absorbs more information. Daniel is Spanish although with an international focus having lived since childhood in London, Brussels, Santiago de Chile, Amsterdam, currently alternating between Madrid and Palma de Mallorca. He has a Degree in Audiovisual Communication and a Master in Web Design and Development. Daniel has several years of experience in technology media, particularly as a front-end developer and Interaction Designer on the Internet as well as in other media such as television. Currently he has thrown himself into the world of cryptocurrencies and loves writing, analyzing and debating about them.
18595Denis Omelchenko pos:9999

Denis Omelchenko

Denis has been in the crypto industry since 2016. He was involved in the development of such media startups as,, and many more. He is focused on fact-checking and passionate on how crypto and blockchain technology can change the world.
20791Dhoulkifli Soilihi pos:9999

Dhoulkifli Soilihi

Soilihi started in 2017 to invest in knowledge and time for the crypto market, as a mediator between crypto pools and ICOs. He also built in the same timeframe his own group of analyst, DYOR, specialized on providing ICO analysis of promising projects. He worked for CryptoActu, one of the leading French media specialized in the crypto market and is currently working for BreakOut Solutions as a blockchain analyst and BeIn Crypto as a content writer and analyst.
23199Dominik Juraszek pos:9999

Dominik Juraszek

Dominik is from Poland, he is studying at Poznan University of Economics. Interested in technology, sport, and blockchain. He has been involved in cryptocurrencies since 2017. In Beincrypto he takes care of social media.
23197David Noetzel pos:9999

David Noetzel

David lives on the Canary Island of La Palma and works remotely as a self-employed Graphic Designer since almost 15 years. As a hobby he makes electronic music and released a few songs on various labels under the name of Hickup. Since 2020 he is now finally getting involved in the crypto space.
21074Deniz Nur Koken pos:9999

Deniz Nur Koken

Deniz is continuing her undergraduate education at the Middle East Technical University. She has been heavily influenced by blockchain technology and the applications of cryptocurrencies worldwide.
14003Emmanuel Young pos:9999

Emmanuel Young

Emmanuel entered the cryptocurrency space in 2013 as a cryptocurrency broker. He is a crypto-enthusiast, entrepreneur, and investor, who has built and led several projects and communities in the space. He is CEO and co-founder of Provence Intelligence, a boutique crypto-consultancy firm that aims to bridge the gap between the cryptocurrency and DLT space and the traditional world. Interests include DeFi, non-blockchain DLTs, and the synthetic derivatives space.
14002Fabien Collet pos:9999

Fabien Collet

Fabien is passionate about the world of finance. He regularly writes and translates articles related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and political opinions on these topics. Holder of a thesis in the United States, he mainly focuses on crypto and blockchain news likely to be of interest to French readers.
21000Florent David pos:9999

Florent David

Florent is interested in crypto-anarchy and crypto investor since 2017. Venture Capital Analyst in a crowequity platform, Investment officer in an impact investing fund, Co-founder of a crypto fund in 2018. Master 1 Finance at Sorbonne University and Master 2 Law at Paris 2 Assas University, MS Entrepreneurs ESSEC Buisiness School. Florent is a crypto investor since 2017. He was the co-founder of Chainvest, one of Europe's first digital asset investment solutions. Florent got a graduate degree in economy from Sorbonne University. He now writes part-time.
20877Francis Dufour pos:9999
Editor in chief

Francis Dufour

Francis is highly-knowledgeable, versatile and tech-savvy being into crypto-economics and blockchain technology since 2012. He has previously worked for a cryptocurrency-based project as their community manager, as well as a financial advisor for the leading financial cooperative in Canada. Francis also has experience as a trader, investor and cryptocurrency miner.
18553Pham Thu Yen pos:9999

Pham Thu Yen

Pham is a Blockchain enthusiast based in Vietnam. She spent several years researching cryptocurrencies and the applications of Blockchain in South East Asia.
19515Imogen Searra pos:9999
Commercial Content Editor

Imogen Searra

Imogen has two degrees in Corporate and Business Communication and over three years of work experience as a content writer, covering topics from tech to travel and hard news.
10043Jesse McGraw pos:9999

Jesse McGraw

Jesse McGraw is a former classical concert pianist. He is also known by his moniker GhostExodus, and is also the former founder of a hacktivist group. Naturally, he is passionate about cyber security, being a former threat actor and insider threat. Aside from InfoSec, justice reforms and other social impact initiatives are topics important to him. But after its all said and done, he slinks off to plays his violin and makes waffles.
7961Jakub Dziadkowiec pos:9999
Editor in Chief

Jakub Dziadkowiec

PhD and an assistant professor at an international university in Lublin, Poland. Spent 10 years studying philosophy of nature and sport science. An author of 4 books and two dozens of scientific articles. Now, he is using his mind for the benefits of the cryptocommunity. Technical analysis enthusiast, Bitcoin warrior, and a strong supporter of the idea of decentralization. Duc in altum!
21107Janberk Koç pos:9999

Janberk Koç

Janberks interest in the crypto world started in 2015. He conducted research on the contribution of crypto coins to the development of the social world. During 2017-2019 he served as a Cardano İzmir Representative and now writes news for the Turkish branch of BeInCrypto.
23193Juan Sebastian Galeano Rodriguez pos:9999

Juan Sebastian Galeano Rodriguez

Sebastián is a professional trader with six years of experience, where he has seen each cycle of this market and that gives him enough confidence to transmit all this knowledge to others. He has also had experience in companies that develop blockchain technology, where he has been able to know what it is to develop from 0 projects, to implement it in different areas.
23194Jaime Ojeda pos:9999
Partnership Manager

Jaime Ojeda

Currently finishing his degree in Economics and Finance, Jaime is captivated by blockchain technology and its potential for businesses and individuals. He currently focuses on crypto and blockchain education at Be[IN]Crypto exploring diverse ways to make the learning experience as engrossing as possible given the ever-growing thirst for knowledge for this industry
22881Juan Frers pos:9999

Juan Frers

Juan frers is an accountant and lawyer by the university of Buenos Aires. Currently PhD candidate in technology and law by the university of Buenos Aires. Professor on different universities on cryptocurrency and Fintech regulatory landscape.
20868Karina Krupenchenkova pos:9999

Karina Krupenchenkova

Karina has Degrees in Journalism, PR and international economics. She is a member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, the International Association of Journalists, and is the author of books on communications. She has government awards for the development of journalism in Ukraine. She has been writing about cryptocurrencies for more than five years and is also the organizer of events dedicated to blockchain issues and cryptocurrencies.
21100Karol Nalepa pos:9999

Karol Nalepa

Studied the Applied linguistics an interdisciplinary field in philology. Worked over 10 years as a freelance translator apart from other jobs, which included content management and marketing for various internet marketplaces and booking service providers. Only recently got into crypto topic. Fluent in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, English, lived for some time outside of EU.
47Rahul Nambiampurath pos:9999

Rahul Nambiampurath

Rahul's cryptocurrency journey first began in 2014. With a postgraduate degree in finance, he was among the few that first recognized the sheer untapped potential of decentralized technologies. Since then, he has guided a number of startups to navigate the complex digital marketing and media outreach landscapes. His work has even influenced distinguished cryptocurrency exchanges and DeFi platforms worth millions of dollars.
5019Luis Blanco pos:9999
Editor, writer and translator.

Luis Blanco

Luis has a Bachelor of Education from Cuba and is a Magister in Environmental Education. He is passionate about reading and continuous learning. He like languages and speaks Italian at an advanced level.
23201Linh Bui pos:9999
Vietnamese Content Writer & Editor

Linh Bui

My name’s Linh Bui (builink). I’m a content creator in finance field in general and cryptocurrencies in particular. I were in the senior role of content creator for a financial group based in Hanoi Vietnam, operating in Digital Banking, Securities and some other financial solutions such as consumer lending based on credit scoring model (Credit Scoring),... With a passion for finance, I also participated in building and developing content for several cryptocurrency and forex exchanges in Vietnam such as Remitano, Fiahub or Mitrade.
17600Leila Stein pos:9999
Features and Opinions Editor

Leila Stein

After working in news and lifestyle journalism, Leila decided to bring her interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain to her day job. She now runs the Features and Opinions desk at BeinCrypto which fits perfectly with her enthusiasm for crypto's social and political impact.
22372Luciana Simmonds pos:9999

Luciana Simmonds

Luciana Simmonds de Almeida is a criminal lawyer, holding more than 11 years of experience in legal advice and working as a criminal attorney. Specialized in Compliance and Economic Criminal Law, and Master of Law - LLM - Financial Market and capital (ongoing). As a crypto enthusiast, Luciana is also an academic researcher, debating thesis on Economic and Criminal Law, Compliance, Regulations, and Finance.
16570Zerelik Maciej pos:9999

Zerelik Maciej

Travelling, diving, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, mining. A supporter of the idea of decentralization. Up to date with the cryptocurrency market for about 3 years. Privately HODLer of BTC, ETH, LINK, BNB, DOT.
21091Maximilian MuSner pos:9999

Maximilian MuSner

While studying natural sciences, Maximilian M. started trading cryptocurrencies and stocks as a hobby in the fall of 2018. In addition, Maximilian M. has been working as a self-employed service provider since the beginning of 2018. Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, he has specialized even more in cryptocurrency trading and has been working as a translator for BeInCrypto since November 2020.
74Max Moeller pos:9999

Max Moeller

Max is a cryptocurrency journalist with an affinity for games and emerging technology. After leaving school to start a writing career, he wrote his first article on blockchain and fell down the rabbit hole. Since starting in 2017, Max has worked with multiple blockchain startups and crypto enthusiast spaces, doing his best to educate the world on the nascent technology. Max has been published in various blockchain and crypto related magazines before settling down at BeInCrypto to focus on long-form content.
20493Mbali Phantsi pos:9999
Commercial Content Writer

Mbali Phantsi

Mbali is a commercial content writer at BeInCrypto. She is passionate about financial inclusion and socio-economic development. With experience as a researcher and writer in the cryptocurrency industry, BeInCrypto allows her to bring her wealth of knowledge and grow in experience.
18594Mertkan Oruç pos:9999

Mertkan Oruç

Mertkan Oruc lives in Turkey. He completed his undergraduate education in the department of International Relations and is currently continuing his master's degree in Middle Eastern Studies. He is particularly interested in technology, blockchain and cryptocurrency investments in Turkey and Israel. For a while, he has been expanding his interest in the sector by producing content on these issues.
18913Merve Demir pos:9999

Merve Demir

After completing her undergraduate education, she started to study for Master's Degree in Philosophy of History and Political Philosophy. She has been interested in blockchain technology since 2018 and she explores the micro/macro scale impact of cryptocurrencies on the financial sector in the context of Economic Philosophy.
21108Metehan Kanmaz pos:9999
Editor in Chief

Metehan Kanmaz

An editor closely related to SEO, internet, technology trends, blockchain and the cryptocurrency world.
18687Matthew De Saro pos:9999
News Writer

Matthew De Saro

Matthew De Saro is a journalist and media personality specializing in sports, gambling, and statistics. Before joining BeInCrypto, his work was featured on Fansided, Forbes, and OutKick. With a background in statistical analysis and a love of writing, he takes an outside-the-box approach to reporting news.
23051Mohamed Salah pos:9999

Mohamed Salah

Mohammed Salah is a Backend developer with 5 years of experience in developing, testing, debugging. Proven ability in optimizing web functionality that improves workflow efficiencies.
22941Nanok Bie pos:9999
Global Editor in Chief

Nanok Bie

Nanok Bie is a journalist with almost three decades of experience from the newspaper, television and online media industries. Nanok has been researching Bitcoin (the intersection of media, technology and macroeconomics) since early 2011. Nanok has gathered extensive experience from fast-paced newsrooms as well as from building web and mobile services from the ground up. First claim to fame: Nanok was one of the world's first bloggers in 1995, founded Sweden's (and the world's) first blog community in 1996 (, now inactive). Recently, Nanok built's news service, from 200k pageviews to peaks of up to 17M monthly.
147Natalia Soboleva pos:9999

Natalia Soboleva

Natalia is a translator and financial analyst covering developments on the global financial markets for more than 15 years. After working for a number of Russian and overseas news portals, she joined the BeInCrypto team to delve into the brave new world of digital assets.
23190Penelope Diamantopoulou pos:9999
Global Communications Assistant

Penelope Diamantopoulou

Our new Global Communications Assistant is a multilingual globetrotter, Greek born of Italian origins, writer, translator, theologian, sociologist, artist of all kinds and always keep learning! From Athens to Paris, from there to Rome and now in Copenhagen, Denmark, Penelope is a frequent traveller and a born multitasker who loves different cultures and languages and therefore communications! In crypto and fintech since 2017, she is a super enthusiastic person and believes in people’s skills and good communication as a solution to most issues.
21089Piotr Ratajski pos:9999

Piotr Ratajski

Piotr is a marketer and author and has helped clients from many industries in acquiring and automating customer service in the B2B and B2C sectors. Piotr is passionate about decentralisation, freedom and cryptocurrencies.
21060Raquel Arianna Zambrano Bravo pos:9999
Human Resources Recruiter

Raquel Arianna Zambrano Bravo

Raquel, began her professional career by completing a Degree in Business Administration, after this she discovered her gift of people that inspired her to pursue a Master in Human Resources Management. She has always been in search of her personal and professional growth so she decided to venture into the world of crypto currency. Currently Raquel has been able to merge all of her knowledge by joining the BeInCrypto team.
22445Robert Mooney pos:9999

Robert Mooney

Robert is a writer from Yorkshire where he received a BA in Journalism from Leeds Trinity University. Having previously contributed to Shout Out UK, Metro and The Yorkshire Evening Post, Robert is fascinated by decentralized tech and blockchain. He has been fascinated by cryptocurrency since early 2020. He looks forward to learning more about the crypto space and educating others through BeInCrypto.
14065Ryan James pos:9999

Ryan James

Ryan is a Fintech specialist with a passion for cryptocurrencies and blockchain adoption. A keen trader and investor in the market since 2016, he enjoys keeping up to date with the latest developments within the industry while finding the next 100x altcoin.
18820Savannah Fortis pos:9999
Multi Media Journalist

Savannah Fortis

Savannah Fortis is a multimedia journalist covering stories at the intersection culture, international relations, and technology. Through her travels she was introduced to the crypto-community back in 2017 and has been interacting with the space since.
23103Sebastian Burgos pos:9999
HR Generalists

Sebastian Burgos

Sebastian Burgos has worked different HR departments for the last 5 years, his experience is focused in HR operations, systems and automation. Sebastian is a psychologist from University of los Andes in Colombia and he is currently pursuing a masters degree in Data Science at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. He wants HR to be focused in humans, for that reason he wants to automate the daily tasks so HR can focus in YOU
69Shilpa Lama pos:9999
Editor of Commercial and Partner Content

Shilpa Lama

Shilpa is a freelance tech writer and journalist who is deeply passionate about artificial intelligence and pro-freedom technologies such as distributed ledgers and cryptocurrencies. Her expertise lies in turning complicated technical concepts into easy-to-read, informative articles without distorting or diluting facts. She is a jack-of-many-trades with hands-on experience in network engineering, front-end web development, copywriting, and digital marketing. She is also a full-time foodie, semi-skilled musician, and wannabe horror writer.
10542Sora Kwon pos:9999
Korean translator and SEO Editor

Sora Kwon

Sora has Degrees in Mathematics and worked several years at a global market research company. She is interested in blockchain technology & cryptocurrencies and now working as a Korean translator and SEO editor in BeInCrypto.
20869Stéphane Dupont pos:9999

Stéphane Dupont

Stéphane grew up in the United Kingdom and France and lived in a number of European countries and has been a freelance translator and interpreter of twenty years.
38Tanya Chepkova pos:9999
Editor in Chief

Tanya Chepkova

Tanya started as a financial news feed translator and worked as a financial analyst, news editor and content creator in various Russian and Foreign media outlets. She came to the cryptocurrency industry in 2016.
21073Van Truong pos:9999

Van Truong

Van is a journalist based in Vietnam who came across Blockchain technology by accident but was intrigued by how it works and its future potential. She is now on a mission to spread the word to crypto lovers all over the world.
20938Tatiana Revoredo pos:9999

Tatiana Revoredo

Tatiana Revoredo é membro fundadora da Oxford Blockchain Foundation e estrategista em blockchain pela Saïd Business School da Universidade de Oxford. Ela é também especialista em blockchain aplicada a negócios pelo MIT e CSO da Tatiana foi convidada pelo Parlamento Europeu para participar da Conferência Internacional de Blockchain, e pelo Congresso Brasileiro para a Audiência Pública do PL 2303/2015. É também autora de três livros: "Blockchain: Tudo O Que Você Precisa Saber", "Cryptocurrencies in the International Scenario: What Is the Position of Central Banks, Governments and Authorities About Cryptocurrencies?" e "Bitcoin, CBDC, Stablecoins, and DeFi".
13659Tatiana Kochkareva pos:9999
Account Manager

Tatiana Kochkareva

Tatiana was born in Russia and graduated from Moscow State University, where she learnt to speak Chinese. She is interested in how Blockchain Technology can be used to revolutionize many sectors.
23192Tommy ToTran pos:9999
Social Media Manager

Tommy ToTran

Dat is an experienced Full-stack Marketing Manager based in HCMC, Viet Nam. Graduated from CSUF, CA, he has been working in the marketing field for more than 6 years, with demonstrated experience in PR and Visual Communication. Being an avid crypto enthusiast since 2017, Dat believed in the future of blockchain and its potential to improve people’s lives in so many aspects.
58Valdrin Tahiri pos:9999
Technical Analyst & Writer

Valdrin Tahiri

Valdrin discovered cryptocurrencies while he was getting his MSc in Financial Markets from the Barcelona graduate school of Economics. Shortly after graduating, he began writing for several different cryptocurrency related websites as a freelancer before eventually taking on the role of BeInCrypto's Senior Analyst.
20870Vivian Vy pos:9999

Vivian Vy

Vivian has three years of experience in content marketing for technology companies, and has spent nearly one year working in blockchain and cryptocurrency. As a professional content creator, she always wants to bring the most unbiased news to the readers.


83Anastasiya Gnetova pos:1

Anastasiya Gnetova

Anastasia has a Masters in Journalism and has been involved in the design process of fintech products for more than five years. She always had a passion for a good content, both visual and text-based. BeInCrypto allows her to express her emotions in the creative space and stay up-to-date on topics like crypto and blockchain.
20881Gwen Phan pos:2

Gwen Phan

Gwen is an experienced Creative Professional with demonstrated experience in Branding and Visual Communication. She has worked in Singapore, Italy and now resides in Vietnam. Gwen and her teamates are the ones behind all the cover arts that mark the unique style of BeInCrypto.
21101Andrea Cano pos:9999
Motion Designer

Andrea Cano

Andrea is a Motion Designer at BIC, she is in charge of editing the videos in an attractive, concrete and engaging way for the viewers. In addition, she has recently started to work in commerce, so BIC allows her to continue learning about what she is interested in and at the same time she can communicate it to the world.
223David Borman pos:9999
Video Creator

David Borman

David is a freelance writer with a specialty in technology and cryptocurrency. He has been writing his whole life, but professionally for two years and hopes to stay in the field forever. In addition to cryptocurrency, David follows politics, current events and financial news.
22274Martina Solés pos:9999
Product Designer

Martina Solés

Martina Solés Caldés is a Designer and Creative Technologist from Barcelona, Spain. With a degree in Graphic Design and a master's degree in Advanced Interaction, her projects aim to improve the experience of users in virtual environments. Recent years, she has specialized in researching and conceptualizing the user experience for new technologies and creating art with code. She currently leads the BeInCrypto design team.
37Nicholas Pongratz pos:9999
Data Scientist

Nicholas Pongratz

Nick is a data scientist who teaches economics and communication in Budapest, Hungary, where he received a BA in Political Science and Economics and an MSc in Business Analytics from CEU. He has been writing about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology since 2018, and is intrigued by its potential economic and political usage. He can best be described as an optimistic center-left skeptic.
23102Victoria Martínez pos:9999
UX Designer

Victoria Martínez

Victoria is a UX designer and researcher with wide experience in design, analysis of emerging trends, and marketing and strategic planning for more than 5 years.
23200Yi Zhang pos:9999
UX Designer

Yi Zhang

Yi Zhang is a UX Designer and researcher from China. She lived 10 years in the Netherlands and 5 years in Spain. With a solid scientific research background for 10 years, she decided to become a UX designer since 2018. With a master's degree in Interaction Design, she is passionated in conducting user research activities, creating storyboard and user journey, converting users´need to features and delivering wireframes. She starts to join the BeInCrypto design team since September, 2021.
19370Yan Serabranski pos:9999

Yan Serabranski

Yan is a professional UX/UI designer with a strong visual background in the design field.


2Dani Polo pos:2
Chief Digital Officer

Dani Polo

Dani Polo is the Head of SEO at For over seven years, Daniel provided SEO for companies ranging from small businesses all the way up to Fortune 500 corporations. He is heavily focused on Fintech and Finance sector. Daniel earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. He also has certifications from YCombinator Startup School, SEMRush and Hubspot. He’s currently focused on machine learning and artificial intelligence.
107Volodymyr Denysiuk pos:4

Volodymyr Denysiuk

Volodymyr has 20+ years of hands-on software development with deep knowledge in architecture design, database modelling/administration, business processes analysis/implementation and team leading.
12953Aleksandr Sukhachev pos:5

Aleksandr Sukhachev

Aleksandr has 10+ years experience in the development and support of web applications. He took part in the development and design of many different projects — from simple pages to complex, heavily-loaded applications
21096Ali Hendy pos:9999
Middle QA Engineer

Ali Hendy

Ali has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science he has spent the last 8 years working in software industry as QA engineer and product owner with deep focus on process improvement and agile methodologies.
23196Benjamin Isaza pos:9999
IT Consultor SAP

Benjamin Isaza

Benjamin resident of the coffee country, has an experience of more than 16 years in the field of technology, has held all kinds of positions, from server management, computer security and telecommunications, to reach the peak of his career in the analysis design and programming of computer systems, elaborating applications in different programming languages, some more complex than others and for all types of companies. "I consider myself a dynamic entrepreneurial visionary passionate about technology and development, Blockchain is now my exploration goal, and my first step has been as a Professional Trader, but with a clear goal, to be able to develop my own Blockchain in the future."
37Nicholas Pongratz pos:9999
Data Scientist

Nicholas Pongratz

Nick is a data scientist who teaches economics and communication in Budapest, Hungary, where he received a BA in Political Science and Economics and an MSc in Business Analytics from CEU. He has been writing about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology since 2018, and is intrigued by its potential economic and political usage. He can best be described as an optimistic center-left skeptic.


18439Heslei Oliveira pos:7
Social Media Manager

Heslei Oliveira

Heslei is a Brazilian crypto enthusiast who has been in this market for more than three years. He has been helping to spread the word about blockchain technology by managing social media groups, sharing articles, talking to influencers and doing as many crypto-related activities as possible.
6915Karina Akhmetzhanova pos:9999
Sales Media Executive

Karina Akhmetzhanova

Karina is a specialist in networking and working with clients, expanding international collaboration, and building and developing teams. She also has in-depth knowledge of blockchain and the crypto space.
21092Abdullah Jadoon pos:9999
Social Media Lead

Abdullah Jadoon

Abdullah is the social media lead at BeInCrypto, where he manages the strategies for all social media and local teams. He is an avid crypto enthusiast who has been in the market for over 4 years, having worked with many large crypto projects in the space. With a background in growth, marketing and software, Abdullah wants to help spread the benefits of blockchain, cryptocurrency and DeFi
18373Alexandros Ntolgkov pos:9999
Partnership Manager

Alexandros Ntolgkov

Alexandros fell in love with blockchain and crypto in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic and knew immediately that this is the next step in his career for the years to come! Alexandros is one of the first people in the world to become Chartered Blockchain Expert and is currently studying the world's first master's in Blockchain and Digital Currency at the University of Nicosia! Prior to BeinCrypto, Alex worked in PR, Event organization, communication & customer experience in various industries including chemical and SaaS.
16639Alexandr Kuznetsov pos:9999
Sales Representative Asia

Alexandr Kuznetsov

Crypto world has changed Alexandr's life and made him completely reveal himself as a professional in his field. Apart from that he can assist you and offer best approach for reaching your business goals.
21085Anastasia Nesynova pos:9999
Sales Representative CIS Region

Anastasia Nesynova

Graduated in Corporate Finance and having a Master Degree in International Affairs in Plekhanov Russian university of Economics. She is now studying Linguistics in the university “La Sapienza” of Rome, Italy. Anastasia have been working in a bank for more than 7 years, she also had a stage in Switzerland, Zurich in asset management and private investments, worked for more than 5 years in b2b sales, she had a successful experience of organizing a sales department from 0. Now she is working in a sales department CIS region. She believes that the sales department can bring BeInCrypto to the top1 of all crypto media news platforms.
21094Alexander Pushkarov pos:9999
Technical Analyst

Alexander Pushkarov

A Technical analyst and Administrator in the Russian Telegram community in 2017, he became familiar with the cryptocurrency, and every day he learns more and more about it. Since then he continues to work in this world that he is so passionate about. Alexander believes that his passion for cryptocurrency will be forever. #HODL
21099Alexey Shishov pos:9999
Sales Support Manager

Alexey Shishov

He is a crypto enthusiast, specializing in sales. At BeinCrypto Alexey is working on new channels to maximize revenue flow and optimizing sales processes. He is also a reader of classiccal literature and a big fan of basketball and football.
21084Bartosz Juraszek pos:9999
Marketing Manager

Bartosz Juraszek

Cryptocurrency enthusiast. Active in the digital asset market since 2017. Investor, entrepreneur, project advisor. On a daily basis, he deals with marketing in the Polish cryptocurrency industry. At Beincrypto, he deals with acquiring partnerships, interviews with interesting projects, representing the company outside. In his spare time, he translates articles.
21093Denisse Donoso pos:9999
Social Media Manager

Denisse Donoso

Denisse has over 10 years of experience working at media companies in London, with especial focus on financial services. She is a crypto enthusiast and a believer in the potential of blockchain to change the world in line with her International Relations background, she loves to be part of the multicultural team at BeInCrypto. She feels identified with the mission of communicating reliable news and educational content in order to promote the mass adoption of crypto-related products and services.
21086Daniel Obeso pos:9999
Sales Representative LATAM & Spain

Daniel Obeso

Daniel Obeso is the Sales Manager for LATAM & Spain, with over 19 years experience in developping businesses and helping global companies grow from the impact of optimized media & advertising investments, brand building, go to market strategies and relevant insights to better engage with users and audiences. For over 14 years, Daniel served as marketing research consultant for top global brands, media and agencies pioneering in user centric strategies leveraging state of the art digital insights analytics for taking better, faster and impactful decissions. He is heavily focused on innovation and new business models, StartUps, Blockchain technology and Crypto, while mentors and advises entrepreurs in several acceleration programs. He holds a Management Development Program and a Finance for Managers Focus Program at IESE Business School, a Blochchain Executive Program at Deusto Business School and a Sales Management Program at ESADE Business School. Daniel earned his Bachelor in Sociology and Master of Market Research from the Complutense University of Madrid and an Erasmus grant at University of Sussex, he has also completed courses in Big Data, Digital Marketing, Innovation and Design Thinking.
13325Ekaterina Pugacheva pos:9999
Social Media Manager

Ekaterina Pugacheva

Ekaterina Pugacheva has a Ph.D. in International Relations from Saint Petersburg State University. She has over 7 years of experience in event management and digital marketing, gained through positions in major international companies operating in Russia and Asia. Ekaterina is currently the Deputy Head of the Directorate of International and Regional Cooperation for Roscongress Foundation which is the biggest congress and exhibition organizer in Russia. She oversees some channels of marketing including their social media platforms with the aim of promoting the image of Russia abroad. She helps prepare the full circle of high-level economic events in Russia and abroad, and expands international partnerships. As a Social Media Manager for BeinCrypto she is proud to grow the Community in a natural and social way while positioning our brand within the Russian language community. BeinCrypto is dynamic, encouraging and a positive international environment.
21111Furkan Demir pos:9999
Social Media

Furkan Demir

An engineer who builds a harbours and devotes himself to protecting the oceans. Fascinated by blockchain technology. A big fan of Vitalik Buterin. A DeFi lover. Someone who never stops learning and teaching. Peace and Love always win.
105Fernando Fierro pos:9999
Social Media Manager

Fernando Fierro

Fernando is a highly curious and resourceful person with a conviction to serve and put earned knowledge to good use. He's also passionate about cryptocurrency use cases and adoption and curious about fintech, e-commerce, and all-things China. He enjoys good company and always craves outdoor activities. With a Bachelors in Industrial Engineering, he is also experienced in social media marketing, mass event management, web/graphic design, and data analysis.
13954Jessica Walker pos:9999

Jessica Walker

A highly skilled media professional with significant experience in the gaming and emerging tech sectors. Has worked and managed several international media teams. Broadcaster, conference moderator, interviewer, marketeer, innovator, partnership builder and extensively networked across the globe. Ambitious, resilient and hard-working.
8219Karol Stadnik pos:9999
Lead Social Media

Karol Stadnik

Karol’s graduated from University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poland. His field of studies are journalism, as well as advertising and promotion. He has 10 years experience in writing texts. Furthermore, he’s been actively involved in the cryptocurrency world and blockchain market for more than 4 years now. Member of many projects. He powerfully put special emphasis on soft skills and relationships in his activity. In, he’s responsible for team leading and social media.
21095Kyle Schmidt pos:9999
TikTok Content Creator

Kyle Schmidt

His name is Kyle Schmidt. He is from Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States. He is a recent graduate of West Chester University. Kyle is in charge of Tik Tok content creation for BeInCrypto.
23198Magali Lourdes Fleitas pos:9999
Social Manager Asistant

Magali Lourdes Fleitas

Lourdes is Argentinian but she is now a cultural exchange student in Paraguay. She is studying Marketing in the National University of Asuncion. She is part of the Spanish team as a social manager assistant and is in charge of moderate and promote the spanish social media channels. Lourdes wants to learn more and more about crypto and is happy to contribute to the cause.
3065VI Vi pos:9999
Editor & Social Media Manager


Vi Vi has been in finance and e-commerce for more than six years as a personal investor and team leader. She has a passion for finance and technology and has been involved with blockchains and cryptocurrencies as a community builder, editor, writer, and fund trader since 2017. With her contagious enthusiasm, she has shared a lot of knowledge about blockchain and trading with communities.
18603Victor Calzadillas pos:9999
Social Media Assistant

Victor Calzadillas

Victor is a marketing graduate with experience in various areas and industries, specializing in digital marketing. He has always been passionate about technology and a firm believer that the blockchain industry can help humanity achieve a more truthful, accessible, and meaningful life for all.
18927Vinicius Terranova pos:9999
Global Head of Trading and Investments

Vinicius Terranova

Terranova is a Blockchain Enthusiast since 2011, Crypto Investor since 2016. Startup Angel Investor since 2014, he brought his expertise with traditional investments to crypto. Since 2016 he has analyzed and invested in ICOs. Terranova invested in over 100 projects just in 2021 alone. Now he shares some of his research with the world at BeInCrypto and reveals his most exciting projects in our Premium group on Telegram.
231Vignesh Selvasundar pos:9999
Product Manager

Vignesh Selvasundar

With experience in journalism and marketing, Vignesh first came across Bitcoin in 2012. He quickly understood the importance of this revolutionary technology and later went all-in. He has been working exclusively with crypto for the last four years while travelling.

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