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The editorial team at BeInCrypto is comprised of some of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry’s best and brightest. Each team member adheres to a strict set of journalistic principles and ethics in order to provide readers with only the highest-quality content. We also all have a passion for injecting transparency and honesty into the cryptocurrency space. As such, we actively seek to identify disingenuous reporting, fishy ICOs, exit scams, and other non-transparent actions in a space meant to provide transparency.

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Ady is the pen name for our Editor in Chief. He has worked extensively for some of the most popular…

Blockchain fan. Cryptocurrency ambassador. I write about technology, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain detective and scam buster extraordinaire. Try to take my money, please.

Working in Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Fintech. I ❤️ tech, surf and chill.

Cryptocurrency trends victim. I write about: scams alerts, technical analysis and new blockchain trends.

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