Duet USD Pool Live on Ellipsis Finance

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The multi-chain synthetic asset protocol, Duet Protocol, has launched a Duet USD (dUSD) pool on Ellipsis Finance.

Ellipsis Finance is a swapping platform that enables secure, low-slippage stable swapping on the BNB chain. 

Ellipsis Finance is an authorized fork of Curve Finance and is deemed as Curve 2.0 on the BNB Chain network, marking the event of “Curve war comes to BNB Chain.”

Ellipsis Finance is bringing liquidity wars famous in the curve ecosystem to the BNB chain by introducing the latest version of Ellipsis to date. 

The Duet USD, dUSD, is voted to be the first session of the remarkable event. This pool will help materialize Duet’s vision of building an on-chain parallel financial world governed by DAO that allows users to create and allocate capital to any assets in the world. 

Moreover, upon the launch of the pool, dUSD has gained another layer of smooth and nearly zero-slippage generating channel for the stablecoin minter and the native over-collateral minting channel, which have been there in-app.

Duet will also integrate more DEX to bring the unique yield enhancement and synthetic asset minting way to broader users.

dUSD is tapping into Curve-type swap by teaming with Ellipsis Finance and its brand new EPS 2.0 to welcome the EPS war in the Binance Smart Chain network.

Using the pool, users can also now borrow a few assets from third-party lending protocols such as Valas. 

dUSD offers 217.7% APY that consists of EPX rewards 57.31% and 2.5x boost on top of that, 73.164% in the form of bDUET#4.

Moreover, users can enjoy 0.052% APY in the form of VALAS. The pool has already accumulated nearly 180K Liquidity, half of which is dUSD, half of which is 3EPS.

About Duet protocol

Duet Protocol is a multi-chain synthetic asset protocol that provides additional utility to assets in the blockchain ecosystem.

The project is a synthetic asset minter built on Yield Aggregator that automates yield farming, maximizing returns and releasing additional liquidity. The project aims to become the entry point for liquidity providing. 

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