Digitex Futures Is Gearing Up for Its Public Testnet Launch

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With a demo video released on Friday and closed testing about to begin, Digitex Futures is finally inching closer to its dream of delivering zero-fee BTC futures trading. After two very public launch misses, the company is fully aware that, third time around, its active community is anxiously waiting. November 30 will be a big day for Digitex and its team as the public testnet is finally opened.

What Will the Digitex Public Testnet Involve?

Digitex will commence with just one market, BTCUSD perpetual swaps. This is on purpose, to allow developers and traders alike to really nail the user experience before adding additional markets and features upon mainnet release. Digitex is anxious to remind its users that this first release is a testnet, not mainnet. The team is still working on delivering the perfect product.

CEO and founder Adam Todd explains, “The purpose of launching the testnet is to make sure that we put the platform through its paces and ensure its functionality before we go live.” Therefore, traders on the Digitex testnet are encouraged to report any bug or abnormality, no matter how small. No one will be losing any funds as the testnet will be using play money and not actual DGTX (the exchange’s native token).

The testnet will make the perfect training ground for all traders, experienced or just starting out. They will have a chance to try out different trading strategies and get comfortable with the one-click trading ladder that Digitex is bringing to crypto futures before using real funds. Beyond commission-free bitcoin futures trading, the Digitex interface is another first in the cryptocurrency space.

Adam comments, “It’s a very intuitive way to trade, the price is literally moving up and down in front of you, on top of that, you can place trades with just a single click of the mouse, you can cancel it with a single click, you don’t have to take your eyes off the price action. The interface is more about what the user is not doing, than doing.”

Check Out the Demo Ahead of the Launch

If you can’t wait until the end of the month to begin playing around with Digitex, you can catch the video demo here. In it, you can see the Digitex CEO putting the exchange through its paces. You’ll see that Digitex is still working on the finer details of the interface, however, it’s really starting to take good form.

Beyond the slick interface and trading ladder, you’ll also get a peek as to what’s to come when Digitex hits mainnet. The company is adding community features in a separate tab that will allow users to connect with and follow other traders, post updates, videos, and photos, and even share content to other social platforms. Live discussions will also be possible as well as an open blog to share trading strategies.

Adam continues, “These social features won’t be available right from the start, but, for me, this is a really important part of the exchange. Trading for me was always a very social thing, the pits were a really social thing, so I wanted to somehow introduce that social element back into an exchange.”

Join Digitex for an AMA Tomorrow

So far, the community has reacted well to the demo, as well as the chance to check out and comment on the Digitex UI, released last month. Over the past three weeks, the Digitex Treasury has sold 19.5 million DGTX (selling out until the next token release on December 1, the day after the testnet is launched).

Adam will be hosting a live AMA on Tuesday, November 12 at 16:00 UTC alongside SmartDec lead developer Alexander Chernov, who has been leading the work on the Digitex exchange. So, check out the demo, and get your questions ready. After a long road to get this far, Digitex fans will finally be able to try out the platform.

Just three weeks away from our launch on testnet, we unveil the first demo of the brand-new Digitex trading platform! Adam walks you through the intuitive ladder trading interface, gives a preview of the slick, single-click ordering, and explains some of the development and UX testing we’re currently undergoing. You can also get a first look at the suite of social features we’re developing that will make Digitex one of the most community-driven exchanges on the market.  Enjoy! And don’t forget to join us for a live AMA about the demo, happening on this channel on Tuesday, November 12, at 1600 UTC.

Following on from the release of the Digitex Beta Trading Demo last Friday, we’re inviting all our supporters to participate in a LIVE AMA with Digitex CEO Adam Todd together with the lead developer from SmartDec, Alexander Chernov. We’ll be taking as many questions as possible during this 30-minute session, so make sure you’re up to speed with the demo and come prepared!


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