BeInCrypto Decodes the Buzz Surrounding Bit2Me’s B2M Token Sale

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Come Sept. 21, Spain-based crypto firm Bit2Me will launch the third phase of its homegrown B2M token’s public sale. By now, you have probably already noticed the buzz surrounding the public sale considering the 300,000+ strong Bit2Me community seems pretty psyched about it. And understandably so, given the B2M private sale that preceded the public sale announcement proved to be a massive hit. 



For those out of the loop, the presale brought in a fresh capital pool of $2.95 million, reportedly the highest ever for a Spanish crypto company. And then, the first two rounds of the B2M ICO were also sold out within seconds.

In this review today, we’ll have a closer look at the buzz surrounding B2M and whether it makes a good investment choice for you. While there, we will also be looking at Bit2Me’s comprehensive suite of crypto-focused products, as well as the company’s claim of being “the best alternative to banking”.



Bit2Me: An Overview

Bit2Me was founded in 2015 as a platform aimed at making it easier to buy, sell, and manage digital assets and fiat currencies. The company currently offers 20+ products and services aimed at retail users, exchanges, mining pools, token issuers, investment funds, as well as government and non-government institutions.

As of August 2021, Bit2Me claims to have served more than 300,000 users in 100+ countries.

Since its launch, the company has won several awards in the finance and fintech sectors including the prestigious Best Spanish Startup award (2015) by CaixaBank, and Best Business Model awarded by Deloitte.

Additionally, it was picked by Forbes as one of the promising Spanish fintech firms to watch out for in 2021. The platform also seems to have maintained a healthy reputation in the global investors’ community. This is evident from the fact that Bit2Me has so far secured sizable funds from investors like Inveready, SMAPE Capital, ICON Foundation, and Valhalla Capital, among others.

Not only that, but the European Commission has also invited Bit2Me on multiple occasions to discuss the potential of blockchain technology.

Judging by all these factors, Bit2Me indeed seems to command the kind of legitimacy and authority you would expect from a firm handling your money.

The Bit2Me ecosystem

Like we have already mentioned, Bit2Me brings along a pretty vast and diverse ecosystem. It has products serving each of the B2B, B2C, and B2B2C verticals. Some of its main products include:

Bit2Me Wallet

The Bit2Me Wallet is a multi-currency hot wallet with both the crypto and fiat components. It serves as an on-off ramp for fiat currencies and can be used to buy, trade, and sell more than 60 cryptocurrencies.

  • The wallet lets you deposit, withdraw, and transfer fiat currencies such as the euro. 
  • You can use it to send, and receive cryptocurrencies and tokens.
  • The wallet also comes in handy for buying, selling, and exchanging cryptocurrencies and tokens.

The Wallet is pretty much at the heart of the Bit2Me ecosystem. As a new member, you gain access to your personal Bit2Me wallet after going through the mandatory KYC and AML verifications.

Once your account gets the necessary approval, you can load your Bit2Me Wallet via bank transfers, credit/debit/prepaid card transfers, and crypto deposits. After depositing the fund, you can start to buy and/or exchange among more than 4,000 possible crypto pairs.

Bit2Me Trade

Bit2Me Trade is a blockchain-powered High-Frequency Trading (HFT) platform with high liquidity and volume. Its professional features make it a good fit for experienced traders on the lookout for a dynamic Order Book with high liquidity and support for different trading strategies. You can easily transfer funds from your Bit2Me Wallet to Bit2Me Trade and vice versa.

Bit2Me Pay

Bit2Me Pay is a digital payments platform that lets you send and receive payments in both fiats (euro) and approximately 70 cryptocurrencies. All payments are processed free of cost and in real-time. You can use this service to make payments to anyone, anywhere in the world by just typing their mobile phone number or email ID.

Bit2Me Card

The Bit2Me Card, once it is launched, will come in two variants: Plastic cards and virtual cards. This next-generation MasterCard will let you pay with Bitcoin or any other crypto of your choice at any vendor or location that accepts crypto payments. 

Bit2Me has promised no maintenance cost, no transaction limits, contactless transactions with configurable PINs, and 3DS security, among other features.

And yes, the company has also promised free cards for the first 2,000 applicants.

The card will instantly convert any supported cryptocurrency of your choice into fiat for payments, thus enabling you to use your crypto stash in everyday transactions.


Tikebit is a fast-growing network of more than 250 retail establishments in Spain and Portugal that enables users to purchase cryptocurrencies. Users can also top up their Tikebit accounts with cash and use it at any of the thousands of establishments all over the region.

To buy cryptocurrencies through Tikebit, you can use this map to find a retailer in your neighborhood. Just go to that retailer and pay anywhere between €20 and €1000 to top up your Tikebit wallet. You can redeem your Tikebit balance online to buy cryptocurrencies in real-time at a competitive price.

Bit2Me Commerce

This is a service that allows online stores to accept cryptocurrencies for payments. The payment gateway associated with the service instantly converts all payments to fiat (euro) and deposits it in the merchant’s bank account automatically.

Over-the-Counter Desk

Just as the name suggests, Bit2Me’s native OTC counter lets professional and institutional investors with large managed capital buy and sell large volumes of Bitcoin and other supported cryptocurrencies.

There is a dedicated live chat room where OTC clients can interact with one another, submit request-for-quotes, and execute voluminous fiat-to-crypto, crypto-to-crypto, and crypto-to-fiat transactions.

Bit2Me Academy

As a growing ecosystem of crypto-focused solutions, Bit2Me seems keen on building its comprehensive educational platform. This is apparent from the company’s efforts with the Bit2Me Academy, a free-for-all learning platform that aims to educate the masses about blockchain technology and its offshoots.

Bit2Me Academy promises to make even the novice user an “expert, from 0 to 100, in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, blockchain, trading and much more.”

The Academy also gives organizations the option to train their workforce in blockchain technology with tailor-made programs.

Other Bit2Me products include:

Block Explorer: Bit2Me offers its own homegrown block explorer that you can use to find the details of any transaction on different blockchains.

Bit2Me News: A free news platform covering news and the latest updates from around the crypto space in video and text formats.

Bit2Me TV: An online video platform with thousands of hours’ worth of videos on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Custody Solution: Bit2Me’s custody solutions promise institutional-grade and high-security custody of digital assets backed by full regulatory compliance. All deposits are covered with an insurance policy of up to €100 million.

Bit2Me Premium: A loyalty program offering various perks such as 100% personalized assistance, discounted fees, and more.

To learn more about other Bit2Me products, check out the company’s full list of solutions here.

Bit2Me (B2M) token

The B2M token is an ERC-20 utility token that glues together the individual components in the broader Bit2Me ecosystem. The maximum supply of the token has been capped at five billion, which gives it an inherent deflationary trait.

About 10% of the total supply was allotted during the private sale at €0.005 per token. The public sale will take place in three phases, with a maximum of 25% of the total supply reserved for all three phases (10%, 10%, and 5%).

The phase-1 will start with each B2M token priced at €0.01. The corresponding figures during the next two phases will be €0.015, and €0.02 respectively. The token distribution will take place along the following lines:

Bit2Me plans on utilizing a big chunk of the net yield from the public sale in enhancing its research & development efforts. Simultaneously, it wants to expedite its expansion efforts in strategic regions of Eurasia, Latin America, and Africa. For that, the company will be busy acquiring e-money and banking licenses over the next few quarters. 

The new capital will also help Bit2Me’s other agendas which include further improving its regulatory infrastructure and risk management strategy.

Bit2Me has had the B2M token audited by DEKALABS, an independent auditor specializing in blockchain projects. The audit report wraps up with the following conclusion (via Google Translate):

“No vulnerabilities were found in the code. In addition to the manual analysis carried out on the code, we have passed analyzer code static such as MythX, but we have not found any known vulnerabilities.” 

How to buy the B2M token

The process is pretty straightforward. You start by creating your Bit2Me Suite account to gain access to your personal Bit2Me Wallet. This step hardly takes a few minutes and is completely free. 

Up next, you will need to undergo an identity verification process. Note that there is no getting around the mandatory KYC and AML procedures as the company is pretty strict about complying with the legal and regulatory framework of each jurisdiction it operates in.

The third phase of the B2M public sale will officially go live on Sept. 21, at which point you can load your Bit2Me Wallet with fiat or crypto and exchange it for B2M tokens.

The previous two rounds were sold out within seconds, with the second round raking in €7.5 million in just 47 seconds. So you might want to join the B2M Whitelist (priority list) to get a chance to have priority access to the sale.

Final thoughts

As you can see from our observations above, Bit2Me is indeed a vast ecosystem of crypto-focused products with real-life use cases. Judging by the level of interaction and activity within the community, the ecosystem seems to be expanding at a pretty decent pace even today. 

For example, Bit2Me Academy on its own claims to serve +1M learners every year. Similarly, the company claims that Bit2Me Wallet already has more than 300,000 active users. Note that BeInCrypto has not independently verified these numbers. But, given the company’s reputation as a legitimate and trusted platform with a verifiable track record, it is reasonable to assume that the cited numbers are reasonably accurate.

And therein lies the potential for the B2M token’s growth as an investment vehicle. With tangible real-life use and a growing community, the asset could very well surge rapidly in value in the foreseeable future.

Of course, we promise to keep a tab on Bit2Me’s growth as the ecosystem matures with time. In the meantime, feel free to hop over to the official token sale page and check out the token whitepaper for further details.


All the information contained on our website is published in good faith and for general information purposes only. Any action the reader takes upon the information found on our website is strictly at their own risk.
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