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Breaking Deadmau5 to Release ‘Slickmau5’ NFT Collection

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In Brief

  • EDM artist deadmau5 is releasing an NFT collection dubbed ‘Slickmau5’ on March 9.
  • deadmau5 already has several successful NFT collaborations under his belt.
  • NFTs are becoming increasingly popular among musicians.
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Canadian EDM artist, Joel Thomas Zimmerman, more commonly known as deadmau5, is releasing an NFT collection dubbed ‘Slickmau5’ on March 9.

deadmau5’s recent NFT collaboration sees him teaming up with artist OG Slick. The collection will feature digital art and contain new music from deadmau5’s forthcoming album. The collection will be available on NFT exchange Nifty Gateway, which the Winklevoss twins own.

There will be three editions available. The Blackhole and Happy editions will be available as five-minute open editions. A more exclusive Faded edition will be available during a 15-minute silent auction. Only 50 Faded editions will be released, and each will come with a numbered art print signed by both OG Slick and deadmau5. The pair created merchandise together last year and collaborated on the initial Slickmau5 art print. 

Not deadmau5’s First Tryst

The Slickmau5 collection is not the first foray into NFTs for deadmau5. The EDM artist sold an initial collection over seven days for $100,000. His next collaboration, with graphic artists Sutu, sold for $52,000 on NFT exchange SuperRare. Hypervision Open Edition, his next collaboration, was with visual artist Mad Dog Jones, earned them $400,000 in a single day.

Sex, Drugs & NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have become increasingly popular. Whereas other tokens can be traded and exchanged with each other, each NFT is unique. They have become a popular vehicle for digital art. However, musicians have also been getting in on the action. 

Earlier this week, Canadian artist Grimes sold a collection of NFTs for $6 million. Although it mostly comprised of digital images and animations, a few pieces contained unreleased music as well. 

American rock band Kings of Leon recently announced their plans to release their new album as an NFT. American pop musician Shawn Mendes launched a line of animations of his signature accessories in collaboration with animators Genies. The digital figures are available on NFT exchange OpenSea and are selling from 0.32 ETH to 100 ETH. 

deadmau5 is not alone among EDM artists either. London-based EDM artist 3LAU sold 33 NFTs to mark the anniversary of his album Ultraviolet. The February auction totaled $11.7 million. This NFT was the first time a tokenized album was launched and is the biggest NFT sale yet.

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