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Cryptocurrency Technology for Payments in Online Games

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Updated by Imogen Searra

The entertainment market is a universe that moves great volumes every day. New methods for people to have fun and to earn, such as online games, have been conquering more space and transaction rates. Games are not restricted to Las Vegas, they are all over the world, especially on online platforms.

Activities from online games were already extremely stable. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of users has grown considerably, as physical gaming establishments are not able to serve clients or have a limited capacity.

Through this promising market, a technological world, and crypto-assets: new opportunities for physical and online games have been created. Cryptocurrencies have brought ease into people’s lives, and also to the financial market.

Benefits such as agility for operations, security, and transparency offered by blockchain technology are only the beginning of the advantages for several fields to open their doors to a new way of economic thinking.

Online games have already been using bitcoin as a payment method. In a Bloomberg report from November 19, the CEO behind Winning Poker Network (WPN) said that around 95% of poker players are asking to be paid in bitcoin.

A project developed exclusively for the games market has been conquering its space, and it is called Betherchip. The description of the token developed on the Ethereum network ERC-20 talks about a proposal developed by the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, where operations of physical gaming establishments were interrupted and online games started to be highlighted.

Betherchip is a token created after blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and APIs. It entered the bet and gaming markets with security and effectiveness. The project has its own wallet, called BEC wallet, and it is also listed on great cryptocurrency websites and strong exchanges in the market, like Bitmart, Bilaxy, Latoken among others.

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