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CropBytes Festive Season Just Got Better – CBX Mining Is Back

2 mins
3 January 2022, 10:04 GMT+0000
Updated by Shilpa Lama
3 January 2022, 10:15 GMT+0000

The much anticipated CBX Mining is back. This feature is integral to the CryptoBytes Gaming revolution and the community is excited with projections of diverse possibilities achievable with this new development. 

CBX token is an interoperable currency in the CropBytes metaverse and is available on major exchanges worldwide.CBX mining works differently compared to all other tokens out there. The mining is bound to the players in the game; it uses game logic and deflation protocol to mine tokens, thus building value for players in the game. 

Also, CBX token has several use cases, some of which include: in-game purchase of packs, seeds, and NFT in the CropBytes Metaverse, exclusive access to premium events, opportunity to earn more tokens that can be traded on major exchanges, and direct access to future CBX use cases.

Curious about what makes CBX metaverse game tokens a good investment in 2022?

CBX is the native token of the CropBytes ecosystem, which serves as a mode of payments, a medium of exchange, access to participate in exclusive events, and the opportunity to trade earnings on top exchanges. With the Metaverse increasing in popularity and growing adoption, CBX use cases will continue to evolve, and the potential is limitless. In addition, players who held Game coins in 2021 grew their in-game portfolio by over 8900% and with evolving use cases, the year 2022 looks even more exciting.

About CropBytes

CropBytes is a revolutionary simulation gaming platform seeking to drive real-world value through an in-game virtual economy. This cutting-edge innovation uses cryptocurrency as a tool for wealth creation, financial education, and promoting community interaction among millions across the globe.

The CropBytes ecosystem is akin to the real world in terms of structure, asset holding, market fluctuations, and volatility. The game has various assets which possess intrinsic value and serve different roles that contribute to the seamless flow of Its economy. Their operational model allows gamers the opportunity to have fun, learn and earn while defining their role in the ecosystem ( Asa Farmer; Trader; Owner or a bit of everything).

CropBytes has upcoming releases in the pipeline

CropBytes is building an innovative ecosystem that is constantly evolving with new features revolutionizing the Metaverse ecosystem. Some of the upcoming innovations include improved use of the CBX token, both in mini-games activities, NFT marketplace, token burn-in purchase of pro assets and NFTs, access to stake and burn token to mine assets, assets tokenization as well as 3D graphics of the ecosystem.

Furthermore, CropBytes is growing immensely and has just completed an event with Yield Guild Games, a super successful Christmas event with over 1.5 million CBX staked, and over $200k worth of rewards won. 

Now, how do you get CBX?

To get the CBX token and benefit from the numerous rewards listed above, do the following:

● Play CropBytes to mine CBX

● Buy CBX from trading platforms and other players

● Participate in community programs and social events

CropBytes is bridging the gap between the real and virtual world by creating a fair ecosystem for all.

Watch this quick recap of 2021 at CropBytes to know all about the releases!

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