Craig Wright Wants to ‘Force’ to Change Its Domain

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Craig Wright, also known as ‘Fake Satoshi,’ claimed recently that ‘bitcoin’ was copyrighted under his name. He says that he will force and to stop using it.

Craig Wright is back to making outrageous claims after being humiliated in court. Best known for insisting to be the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, Wright is now claiming that Bitcoin falls under his own copyright ownership.

Copy(w)right Claim

Wright has been in a feud with Jihan Wao, one of the creators of Bitcoin Cash and founder of Bitmain, for over a year now. However, he is now taking aim at and, two domains which he claims break copyright laws. The two sites are known for promoting Bitcoin Cash but have recently tempered their support. 

For being the supposed ‘creator’ of Bitcoin, Wright is terribly unaware of the copyright laws regarding his own creation. Bitcoin Core was intended to be open-source. It operates under an MIT license, a permissive free software license and has very few limited restrictions. Satoshi’s asset was intended to be free to use, with its name, logo, and underlying technology open for all to see and use as they see fit. However, Wright seems to believe that it is all his for the taking.

Short-Lived Fame for Craig Wright

The delusions of grandeur from Wright will soon come to pass, given that he has been given resounding rejections for all his legal battles. As Bitcoin SV continues to dwindle in its user base, Wright will continue to fight the world’s first cryptocurrency until he continues to spiral into irrelevance.

Fake Satoshi may be around for another year, but the fact that his claims are getting more outrageous may indicate that his one-trick pony is overstaying its welcome. In the meantime, his dwindling supporters will continue to wait for his supposed ‘Bitcoin copyright.’

Do you believe that Wright will fizzle out of the cryptocurrency world by year’s end? What motivates him? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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