So far, at least six individuals have been confirmed to have contracted the novel coronavirus while at the Ethereum Community Conference in Paris earlier this month.

A number of attendees of the recent Ethereum conference in Paris said that they have tested positive for the novel coronavirus. It’s currently unclear how many could be infected in total.

Ethereum Conference Linked to COVID-19 Cases

Users are reporting that they are testing positive for COVID-19 after attending the Ethereum Community Conference. The conference, held in Paris between March 3 through March 5, had a sizable crowd in attendance. Those with symptoms are advised to self-isolate and get themselves tested.

According to Twitter user @oskarth, four individuals who attended the conference have come up as positive. In reply to his tweet, however, at least two others confirmed they also had it. It’s possible that the actual number could be dozens, if not more.

Given that the conference lasted three days, it seems likely many are now infected. As one user writes, “it may be safe to assume many of us got it there.”

Cryptocurrency Conferences Will Have to Be Postponed

A few days ago, BeInCrypto reported the first COVID-19 case linked to an Ethereum convention. Now, we can report that this number has grown exponentially.

In light of the recent COVID-19 infections, future cryptocurrency events should be postponed. Frankly, the recent Ethereum Community Conference also did not need to go along as planned, either. This is the time when the cryptocurrency space should be leading the way in ‘decentralizing’ their workplaces. Large meetings like the recent Ethereum conference should, therefore, be postponed. It’s time to meet and work remotely.

Given the rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic, it seems likely that the upcoming Consensus convention will not take place either. Consensus is the largest blockchain-related conference held annually and was scheduled for May.

Markets are responding very negatively to the coronavirus pandemic. U.S. stocks flipped from all-time-highs to a bear market in a record 16 days. Bitcoin suffered its worst-day ever on Thursday, a possible indicator of what’s to come for financial markets in the future if this health crisis is not controlled. Some analysts maintain that we will see a major boom after the coronavirus pandemic is resolved, but the future remains uncertain.

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