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COPA Files Lawsuit Against Craig Wright for Bitcoin Whitepaper Copyright Claim

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In Brief

  • The lawsuit asks that Wright be declared as not being the author of the Bitcoin Whitepaper.
  • COPA is a non-profit founded by the Square payments company.
  • Wright has been involved in several lawsuits over the past two years.
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The COPA non-profit org has filed a lawsuit against Craig Wright, calling for an injunction and a declaration that he does not have copyright ownership of the Bitcoin whitepaper.

The Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance (COPA), a non-profit crypto organization, has filed a lawsuit against Craig Wright for his copyright claim on the Bitcoin whitepaper.

The group tweeted on April 12 that it would initiate a lawsuit asking the UK High Court to “declare that Mr. Craig Wright does not have copyright ownership over the Bitcoin White Paper.”

Among other things, the filing asks for Wright to not be declared as the author of the Bitcoin white paper. Additionally, it asks for an injunction that restrains Wright from claiming he is the author of the whitepaper.

COPA is a non-profit that “seeks to remove patents and litigation as a barrier to growth in crypto.”

Preventing development and growth by employing legal restrictions has been a common tactic in the crypto space. The organization wants to prevent the unethical use of litigation as a way to stop competitors or meet self-serving interests.

COPA, which was founded by Jack Dorsey’s Square, is clear with its intentions. Wright’s lawyer’s claimed in January that he wanted to enforce his copyright. They claim to have sent a legal notice to Square, stating that they would sue if Square didn’t remove the whitepaper from the site. These notices were also sent to and

Wright is currently involved in several lawsuits. Most of these surround his claims that he is the creator of Bitcoin. In the most high-profile of these cases, he was asked to prove his ownership of the private keys to Satoshi’s funds. Wright continues to maintain his claims.

Many in the crypto community have shunned Wright’s claims, and his voice in the media has dwindled over the years. The latest lawsuit may yet be the final nail in the coffin.

Wright saga coming to a close?

Wright has long maintained that he is the creator of Bitcoin. He even claims that he owns the private keys to Satoshi’s Bitcoin stash. This proved to be problematic in his defense.

Shortly after the case involving the private keys, one of the associated wallets also saw a signed message calling Wright a “fraud.”

Such incidents have also battered Wright’s position in the lawsuits.

This series of events has strongly affected Wright’s defense, but he continues to hold his ground. Wright has also made several other claims, even filing a lawsuit against Bitcoin developers. The suit claims damages of $3.5 billion pounds in Bitcoin.


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