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CoinMarketCap Data Fee Debacle: A Look at Emerging Crypto Data Site Alternatives

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In Brief

  • Ergo accused CoinMarketCap of charging fees to amend inaccurate data, challenging the site's integrity and transparency in the crypto data space.
  • CoinGecko emerges as a stable and independent alternative, focusing on API-based data accuracy, contrasting CoinMarketCap's business model.
  • Other alternatives offer diverse features for crypto data aggregation, catering to varying user preferences and needs.
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CoinMarketCap, a leading crypto data site, has recently faced controversy over its data practices, and users are seeking out alternatives.

The smart contract platform Ergo accused CoinMarketCap of exploitative practices, alleging that the site charges fees to amend inaccurate data.

CoinMarketCap Faces Backlash Over Claims of Data Manipulation

This accusation raises concerns about the integrity and accuracy of data on CoinMarketCap, given that crypto data aggregators are essential for compiling blockchain activity into market insights and metrics.

An Ergo spokesperson said,

“It begs the question… how much overall data is out of sync on CMC for projects that refuse to pay these hostage fees? Data integrity issues are not a good look for #CMC considering accuracy is their product. Let’s get this cleaned up!”

Despite these allegations, CoinMarketCap is recognized as an independent compiler of blockchain statistics. However, its policy to charge for data corrections seems at odds with this role. This is especially true when compared to competitors like CoinGecko.

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Ergo highlighted that CoinGecko correctly displays the circulating supply of tokens based solely on API connection. This showcases a key difference in business models and incentives between the two platforms.

While opinions vary on which platform is better, some users prefer CoinGecko for its higher stability and independent status, particularly following Binance’s acquisition of CoinMarketCap in 2020​​.

CoinMarketCap’s significant influence is also underscored by its high web traffic, more than double that of its nearest competitor, CoinGecko​​​​.

CoinMarketCap Alternatives to Consider

For those seeking alternatives to CoinMarketCap, several other crypto comparison sites offer varied features and benefits:

  1. CoinGecko: This site assesses the world’s top digital currencies across multiple criteria, including developer activity, community, liquidity, and market capitalization. It offers a range of cryptocurrency metrics and an overall rating out of 100 for each coin.

    Pros include a wide range of fiat currencies for viewing crypto prices and easy access to essential coin information. However, some users feel other options may have better user interfaces​​.
  2. Live Coin Watch: Launched in 2017, this site tracks price movements, trading volumes, circulating coin supply, and market cap for over 2,000 currencies. It is praised for its user-friendly interface and logical presentation of information. Users can set up their own portfolio and watchlist and view prices in various fiat currencies.

    A downside is its relative newness compared to more established platforms​​.
  3. CoinCodex: This platform provides real-time coin prices, charts, and market cap information for over 2,400 coins across more than 110 exchanges.

    It offers a detailed view of each coin, including price charts, trading volume, and the latest prices on a range of exchanges, along with news and tutorials related to each currency​​.

Each of these alternatives offers unique features that might appeal to different users. This, of course, depends on their specific needs and preferences in a crypto data aggregator.

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