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ChatGPT Now Available on iOS; Android Version To Be Released Later

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In Brief

  • OpenAI has released an iOS version of ChatGPT.
  • Currently, it is only available in the United States, with a release for other countries planned in the weeks to come.
  • An Android version will be released in the future, OpenAI confirmed.
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OpenAI has released a mobile application for the ChatGPT AI app for iOS. The company will also release an Android version in the future.

OpenAI has released a mobile application for ChatGPT for the IOS. The company will also release an Android version. The app is currently only available in the United States.

OpenAI has released a mobile version of the artificial intelligence (AI)-based chatbot, ChatGPT on the App Store: iOS App Store
ChatGPT Screens: Apple App Store

Saying that the app “syncs your conversations, supports voice input, and brings our latest model improvements to your fingertips,” the release is likely to see ChatGPT’s popularity surge even further. OpenAI plans to release the app to other countries in the coming weeks and has committed to making improvements.

There is no specific information on when the Android version will be released, but it’s unlikely that it will take too long. As is the case with the web version, users will have to subscribe to access the latest model, ChatGPT-4.

It’s another step forward for the company, which is taking over both professional and personal endeavors. This has proven to be a concern for some, with all types of stakeholders taking action against the platform’s use.

Both Samsung and Apple Restrict ChatGPT Usage

The explosion of AI usage has also led major companies to make changes. Samsung banned its staff from using AI following a data leak via ChatGPT. The staff members had uploaded sensitive code to ChatGPT.

Apple has also restricted its employees from using ChatGPT and other AI tools. Like Samsung, Apple is worried about sensitive information leaking.

AI Regulation Now a Major Talking Point

As AI and ChatGPT become increasingly popular, regulators and individuals are concerned about the consequences of the technology. Congressional hearings and general worries are at a peak, and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has asked for the United States to regulate AI.

Altman has clearly stated there could be negative consequences, including on the economy, via the fact that AI could replace human labor in the job market. He also showed concern for how the technology could be used in misinformation campaigns and election interference.

As such, there is a global trend towards AI regulation. With respect to this, the EU is particularly forward, with some lawmakers approving the EU’s AI Act.


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