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buzzlightning – The Symbiot of Reality and Virtuality

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Navigating the realms of art, technology, and human experience, Uwe Dresemann, better known in the crypto art scene as buzzlightning, offers an intriguing interplay between the physical and digital, the human and the algorithmic. In a world where the lines between reality and virtuality are increasingly blurred, buzzlightning masterfully bridges the divide.

To commemorate BeInCrypto’s 5th year milestone, the gifted buzzlightning is one of 14 distinguished artists to curate a striking NFT collection that captures the BeInCrypto spirit and deeply resonates with its extensive international community.

Background and journey

Uwe Dresemann’s odyssey into the art world is as rich and layered as his artworks. Trained initially as a display designer, his journey has been anything but linear, traversing diverse crafts and disciplines before fully committing to art and art education. With a philosophy grounded in inclusivity, Dresemann passionately believes that art is not just for the connoisseur or the child but a universal need to be awakened in everyone, particularly those marginalized from cultural dialogues.

Artistic philosophy

Through his crypto art, buzzlightning navigates the evolving tension between humans and technology. His art often questions our media competence in an era of overstimulation and information overload. From pieces that delve into the depths of human emotions to ones that reflect the chilling impersonality of the digital age, his works serve as conduits for thought-provoking discourse.

The interplay of mediums

One of the defining characteristics of buzzlightning’s art is its genre-defying nature. Digital assets, algorithms, traditional paints, and craft materials are all in his extensive portfolio. Through this interplay of mediums, he explores the boundaries of what art can be and who it can serve.

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To honor BeInCrypto’s significant 5-year anniversary, the unparalleled buzzlightning is among 14 celebrated artists unveiling a stellar NFT collection, embodying the BeInCrypto spirit and profoundly echoing with its vast global family. But wait, there’s more! Engage yourself in a compelling adventure, conquer intriguing challenges, and seize the opportunity to reveal a gratis mint from this prestigious assembly. Are you up for the challenge? Embark on your quest at Zealy. The shimmering future of art awaits!


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Antonis Kazoulis
Antonis has a decade of experience in fintech and is passionate about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. His crypto journey began with his exploration of bitcoin trading in 2019 and has since evolved to Antonis working full-time in web3. Antonis holds a BA in Business Management and a Masters degree in Creative Writing, both from the University of Westminster. Prior to his role at BeInCrypto, Antonis held positions at YPlann (acquired by TimeOut) and Arachnys (acquired by AML...