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‘Bought a Bunch of Bitcoin, Price Should Recover Now’ Boasts Latest Satoshi Claimant

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Jorg Molt was recently ridiculed on Twitter for claiming to be a co-founder of Bitcoin despite no one ever hearing of him. Today, he tweeted that Bitcoin’s price should recover because he just made an apparently large purchase.
Early this month, BeInCrypto reported on a new ‘fake Satoshi’ named Jorg Molt. Introduced at the SIMS convention at Symbiosis International University as the ‘co-founder of Bitcoin,’ Molt has since then stuck by his story. Despite being ridiculed on crypto-Twitter and beyond, Molt maintains he was present at Bitcoin’s founding, and subsequently claims to own 250,000 BTC. bitcoin correction

‘Bought a Bunch of Bitcoin’

Molt recently took to Twitter to further affirm his large holdings in a light-hearted tweet which simply read: ‘Bought a bunch of bitcoins price should recover now.’ The funny thing is that the price has already begun to recover. Bitcoin spiked yesterday after hitting a low of $6,600 and bounced briefly to $7,300. So, Molt just might ruin any forthcoming rally for the rest of us by jinxing it via this tweet. He also claims to have ’caused’ Bitcoin’s recent price collapse. It’s amusing to watch a new ‘fake Satoshi’ enter the fray, but we should be reminded that such claims are damaging to the industry regardless of how funny or light-hearted they may seem. Multiple commentators on YouTube, Twitter, and elsewhere have confronted Molt about his fraud, but he was not able to formulate a response.

The Original Fake Satoshi

A similar situation occurred with Craig Wright, the original ‘fake Satoshi,’ who has been heckled at speaking events and remains ostracized. You might recall BeInCrypto’s story about Wright getting heckled at the AIBC Summit earlier this month. The good news about Molt, however, is that nobody seems to believe him. His presence online is marginal and he has no real following. All he has earned is the rightful ridicule of his peers which may make him second-guess any future assertions that he is ‘Bitcoin’s co-founder.’ However, for his sake and ours, we do hope that Bitcoin’s price does recover—but it will have nothing to do with Molt, of course.
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