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Breaking BNB Price Breaks $400 Despite Binance Legal Issues

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Updated by Bary Rahma
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In Brief

  • BNB's price hits $400, marking a significant rebound despite Binance's legal issues.
  • Binance agrees to a $4.3 billion plea deal over anti-money laundering charges.
  • Compliance enhancements highlighted amidst company's acceptance of responsibility.
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BNB, the native cryptocurrency of Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, has surged over 3%, breaking the $400 mark for the first time since May 2022.

This significant price movement comes despite Binance facing one of US history’s most substantial criminal penalties. The exchange agreed to a $4.3 billion plea deal following a judge’s approval, addressing charges related to anti-money laundering and sanctions violations.

BNB Price Hits $400 Amid Binance Regulatory Scrutiny

Binance’s legal troubles stem from admissions of facilitating transactions for entities like Hamas, amongst other terrorist groups, a fact that underscored the gravity of their compliance lapses. In response to these charges, US District Judge Richard Jones highlighted the ethical breaches motivated by greed at a sentencing hearing in Seattle.

This plea deal mandates the appointment of an independent compliance monitor for up to five years. This position is yet to be filled but is rumored to be awarded to Sullivan & Cromwell, a prestigious New York-based law firm.

The resolution of these legal challenges marks a pivotal moment for Binance. Prosecutors emphasized the vulnerability Binance introduced into the financial system, exploiting it for profit. Josh Eaton, Binance’s deputy general counsel, expressed the company’s acceptance of full responsibility for its past actions and pride in its compliance enhancements over recent years.

“[Binance] accepts full responsibility for its past and for the reasons we’re sitting here today. We’re also proud of the compliance enhancements,” Eaton said.

Despite the severe repercussions, including a potential 18-month prison sentence for founder Changpeng Zhao, who has also stepped down as CEO and agreed to a $50 million fine, Binance’s market performance remains resilient.

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BNB Price Performance
BNB Price Performance. Source: TradingView

BNB’s value surged by more than 3%, climbing from an opening price of $388.28 to a daily peak exceeding $400. This marks BNB’s first ascent above the $400 threshold since May 2022. This resilience demonstrates the volatile and unpredictable nature of cryptocurrency markets. It also reflects investor confidence in Binance’s future and its ability to navigate through its legal and compliance challenges.

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