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News Report Enlists Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff

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In Brief

  • Ex-president Obama’s aide will join
  • Jim Messina will be a member of the company’s board of directors
  • The company says the latest move is spurred by its efforts to target the onshore market
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The latest member of board of directors is former US deputy chief of staff and Messina Group CEO, Jim Messina.

United States Deputy Chief of Staff under the Obama administration, Jim Messina, has joined blockchain giant, He is now part of the board of directors of the London-based firm.

With Messina aboard, the company signals its intention to remain a major force in the industry despite impending regulations.

Messina took to his Twitter account to share the news:

Messina has shown strong affiliations with the technology sector despite being a renowned political advisor. He is the CEO of the Messina Group, a company that uses a data-driven approach with political strategies for the corporate world.

In the face of looming blockchain and cryptocurrency regulations, the addition of Messina comes at a great time. The future of the digital asset and blockchain space remains unclear under the freshly appointed Biden administration.

Recently, cryptocurrency advocates in the United States were planning to meet with members of the US Department of Treasury. The group said its priority is to help the department secretary, Janet Yallen, understand that blockchain and crypto “[go] beyond the financing of criminal enterprises.” says that bringing Messina on board will help it to remain a major player in the onshore market. It’s unknown if Messina’s influence will place on the right side of brewing regulations. However, his political influence and experience are certainly a plus.

Speaking on the future of digital assets, Jim Messina said;

“There’s no question that electronic currency is going to be the way that most transactions are done in the future. And it is incredibly important to get the regulatory part of this right.”


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