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Blockchain Africa Conference Will Return This March for 8th Edition

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Bitcoin Events is excited to be hosting the definitive African blockchain and cryptocurrency event, the Blockchain Africa Conference, on March 17 and 18, 2022.

This event marks the annual conference’s 8th and 2nd virtual edition and introduces attendees to some of the most influential cryptocurrency and blockchain industry figures. These acclaimed experts will assemble at this prestigious event to analyze and debate pressing topics pertinent to this fast-growing industry.

The conference will be focusing on the opportunities and use cases that blockchain technology presents to both the African continent and globally. Over the years, the conference themes have evolved and aligned with the global adoption of blockchain technology: ‘Moving Africa Forward,’ ‘Beyond the Hype,’ ‘From Hype to Mainstream,’ and now ‘Ready for Business?’

This year’s event comes alongside the growing collective sentiment and increases in the adoption of blockchain technology. Many private and public organizations are implementing the technology and leveraging it to develop robust, enterprise-ready solutions.

The industry has matured, and as a result, it is less susceptible to hype and speculation. 2021 was the year of institutional interest and global adoption. 2022 is perfectly poised to continue this trend and build off 2021’s momentum.

Several talks at the conference will explore the rising demand for cryptocurrencies and other blockchain-enabled products in Africa. The continent’s young population, high mobile connection penetration, and well-established infrastructure are the main drivers contributing to the accelerating adoption of blockchain and digital currencies.

The conference will unpack some of the industry’s challenges, particularly regarding regulation. South African Reserve Bank (SARB) Senior FinTech Specialist Herco Steyn will present a regulatory update within the context of South Africa, including central-bank specific topics and initiatives by the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and SARB.

The event will bring together 2000+ attendees from 50+ countries, 45+ speakers, 25+ sessions with Keynotes, presentations, panels, exhibitions, prizes, giveaways, and networking sessions hosted by selected industry leaders. The conference promises to be a packed 2 days of innovative discussions and networking, bringing together a wide network of professionals, entrepreneurs, regulators, major industry executives, and investors.

An impressive list of speakers include:

  • Dr. Edward Obasi (Keynote Speaker) – Chief Operating Officer at DafriGroup
  • Ian Putter – Head Blockchain COE, Innovation as a Service at Standard Bank
  • Herco Steyn – Senior Fintech Specialist at South African Reserve Bank (SARB)
  • Ernest Mbenkum – Founder and CEO Interstellar/Bantu Blockchain
  • Uche Elendu – CEO of Appzone
  • Elizabeth Rossiello – CEO and founder of AZA Finance
  • Norbert Amankwaa Adomako – Chief of Communications at Metis
  • Chris Light – CEO at E-Livestock Global
  • Lohan Spies – Chair of Sovrin Steward Council and Board of Trustees at Sovrin Foundation
  • Emmanuel Babalola – Africa Director at Binance and interim CEO of Bundle
  • Chris Cleverly – President of Tingo International Holdings
  • Siddharth Singhal – Director of Enterprise at Parity Technologies
  • Anil Hansjee – General Partner at Fabric Ventures
  • Ruby Nimkar – Fund Partner at GreenHouse Capital
  • Gerhard Dinhof – Senior Architect and Blockchain Country Lead for IBM South Africa
  • Chris Maurice – CEO and Co-founder of Yellow Card
  • Denelle Dixon – CEO and Executive Director of Stellar Development Foundation
  • Angela Itzikowitz – Executive in ENSafrica’s Banking and Finance Department
  • Bishnen Kumalo – Head of Modernisation at BankservAfrica
  • Ciaran Ryan Editor at MoneyWeb Crypto
  • Dave Uhryniak – Blockchain Strategy Director at TRON

Well-known Kenyan tech entrepreneur, John Kamara, will lead the proceedings as the Master of Ceremonies.

Discussions at the conference will explore the following topics:

  • Are cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology the next generation of cross-border payments in Africa?
  • What is the value of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) to organisations and citizens in a South African context?
  • Is the future of digital payments stablecoins?
  • What is the state of blockchain technology in enterprise adoption, and what’s next?
  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Decentralised Finance (DeFi), Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs), and the Metaverse:

How are they reshaping the world around us?

  • Smart contracts can redefine business and are one of the biggest reasons people are excited about blockchain technology and investing in cryptocurrency. Which smart contract platforms are ahead of the rest and why?
  • How is blockchain technology unlocking the value of livestock in Africa?
  • In an uncertain regulatory environment, a staggering $32.8 billion was invested into crypto and blockchain technology businesses in 2021. Is this set to continue, and what type of businesses are gaining attention?
  • Nigeria recently became the first African country to launch its CBDC, the eNaira. What does the future look like for Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)?
  • Regulation and compliance – what type of digital asset regulation do we see globally, and what is the impact of regulation on the industry?

The conference’s Premier Sponsor is DafriBank. DafriBank is a branchless financial technology company providing customized financial services to clients in 180+ countries and part of the DafriGroup PLC family, a public company registered in South Africa, Nigeria, and Botswana.

Xolane Ndhlovu, Chairman DafriGroup PLC says, “We are excited to be joining the 2022 edition of Blockchain Africa Conference as the official sponsor. We at DafriGroup see blockchain -crypto technologies as novel tools that could help rebuild Africa’s ineffectual financial system and strengthen intercontinental trade, and this is why we have supported and continue to support several blockchain- and crypto-related initiatives within the continent. For instance, DafriBank became the first bank in Africa to accept depository in stablecoins, and aided our startup crypto exchange DafriXchange.”

maZix, a leading marketing agency on the cutting edge of blockchain technology, and Metis, a Web3 Ethereum Layer-2 solution, are the Diamond Sponsors.

 Gold Sponsors include AltcoinTrader, CryptoCurrencyWire, and QuidPro.

Register for a FREE ticket here and visit the website for more information.

About Bitcoin Events

Bitcoin Events is the first events company to host the world-class blockchain and cryptocurrency-specific conferences in Africa. The company has hosted seven highly successful Blockchain Africa Conferences in Cape Town and Johannesburg and the 2021 edition online. Bitcoin Events has also introduced additional annual events such as the Crypto Fest and DeFi Conferences.

Over 14,000+ attendees from 165+ countries and 239 global speakers have attended the events.

For more information, visit the Blockchain Africa Conference 2022 website or email [email protected].

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