Block2Play to Launch Exciting Crypto Game

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24 September 2021, 15:00 GMT+0000
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24 September 2021, 15:00 GMT+0000

Block2Play is a tokenized decentralized platform. It is offering players around the globe a new gaming experience, as well as the opportunity to earn money while doing so. 

The platform offers various ways to earn money and other incentives such as bonus prizes that are earned through mission events. 

Block2Play (B2P) platform offers a role-playing experience that is GTA5 based, where players earn real money by performing certain tasks. These include completing missions, events, and more. 

Earn while playing 

The game takes on a GTA5 style, where players participate in a virtual roleplaying game. The character of the game needs to eat, sleep, and drink to survive — taking interactive participation to the next level.

The character’s appearance also plays a role in the game. Dressing well, for example, can help a gamer’s character move up in their career by securing a better job. 

There are many jobs, both legal and illegal, that characters can participate in. On the white-collar side of things, characters can work as a manager, taxi driver, car mechanic and so on. On the not-so-law abiding side, a character can work as a gang member or car thief, and so on. 

The crux of the game is to earn money while playing. For players to generate income, their character needs to complete jobs, missions, and events. 

Additionally, chargeable or paid items can be purchased on an NFT basis in the game, which brings certain advantages to the player, such as making missions easier to complete. 

A player will need to link their MetaMask or Trust Wallet to their account to be able to easily send and receive payments. 

The ultimate goal is to work the character up the career ladder, whichever side of the law the player so chooses. 

Players are freely able to design their character however they want. Once this character has been designed, features such as eye and skin color, height, facial features, and stature cannot be changed. 

The game will also have a marketplace where players can buy items directly from the company, which are regularly available in limited numbers and editions. 

Additionally, players can sell items to one another at a fixed price, auction, or exchange items.

Each item is available in different categories and quantities. The categories are divided into three different classes:

  • Regular
  • Rare
  • Epic

Job options 

As previously mentioned, players can choose to earn an honest living or live a life of crime within the game. 

  • Bus driver
  • Taxi driver
  • Waiter 
  • Pizza delivery person
  • Truck driver 
  • Car mechanic 
  • Garbage person 
  • Attorney 
  • Manager
  • Firefighter 
  • Breakdown service 
  • Forklift driver
  • Ice cream seller 
  • Hot dog seller

Other job options include:

  • Dealer 
  • Bank robber
  • Gang member
  • Con artist 
  • Mafia member
  • Car thief 
  • Housebreaker
  • Document forger

Block2Play need-to-knows

The platform is limited to 5,000 players per month. Players will be divided into two categories: VIP user accounts and user accounts.

The VIP user accounts will consist of 1,000 players whereas the user accounts will hold the remaining 4,000 players. 

The difference between the accounts are:

  • VIPs will receive five random items from the game when signing up
  • VIPs can select a faction to belong to
  • User accounts will receive one random item when signing up

Factions, which VIP user accounts can select upon signing up or choose to purchase within the game, refer to business models within the game. 

Factions help players earn money quicker than without a faction. This is because the player with a faction has other players working for them, which helps to boost income. 

Factions are divided into state and public groups. 

State factions include a police station, a fire department, a hospital, a bank, and more

Public factions include a hemp plantation, car dealership, a restaurant, and more. 

When players begin earning money, they can choose to be paid out or they can opt to reinvest into the game. By reinvesting, players can choose to buy a faction, which includes a gas station, restaurant, and more. This will help their character to grow, essentially bringing in more money for the player. 

NFT marketplace 

Players can purchase items directly from the B2P platform. These items are limited in quantity. The items are bought as NFTs and can be traded within the marketplace, as well as on every NFT platform on the Binance Smart Chain. 

Players can sell items to one another at a fixed price, auction, or exchange. Game slots can also be sold here. 

If a player doesn’t pay their monthly subscription fee, after 14 days their slot will be sold on the market to someone else.

When purchasing on the marketplace, players are charged a 10% fee per buy. These fees feedback into the game and are used as bonus rewards for missions and events.  

There are various items available for sale which give players certain advantages within the game, like a higher success rate. 

The items are categorized into three classes: regular, epic, and rare. There are a limited number of items from each category added to the marketplace each month. 

Categories specify the strength of an item within a game. The rarer the item, the better the skills are that this item activates. 

The purchased items are traded as NFTs and added to the player’s wallet. 

The money system 

The money system is based on income generated from monthly membership fees. A total of 90% of the fees are fed back into the game. 

Other income is generated from sales within the marketplace. Transaction fees on purchases are put toward prize money and bonuses. 

Deposits and withdrawals are made in real-time, depending on the blockchain transaction time. The B2P platform pays for all transaction fees about withdrawals made within the game. 

Withdrawals can be made on weekends only, from Friday to Sunday. Payouts can take up to two days as these are manually checked and confirmed. 

The game utilizes USDT as its currency. This was largely decided as the stablecoin experiences minor fluctuations in price. 

To ensure transparency, payouts can be tracked and observed by every player on the blockchain, as well as within the game. 

Launch date 

The official server launch date is set for January 1, 2022. The Beta server launch will be on October 1, 2021. 

Only VIP players will be able to access the Beta server to test the game before the official launch. 

This will allow players to explore the map and experience the game first, while also being allowed to report any bugs or errors to improve the user experience.


The Block2Play token (B2P) and the associated NFTs within the game are based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 

The public sale of the token will take place on January 1, 2022 on PancakeSwap

The total number of tokens at launch will be 1,000,000 B2P of which an airdrop of 100,000 B2P tokens will be sent to pre-sale investors. To ensure price stability, the airdropped tokens cannot be sold for six months. 

Therefore on PancakeSwap, there will be 900,000 tokens available. 

For more information on the Block2Play platform visit the website | whitepaper | Discord | Instagram | Twitter |


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