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Binance Balances and Orders Are Allegedly Not Being Processed Right

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Updated by Kyle Baird
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Many users are reporting strange issues on Binance with placing orders and checking their balances today. In some cases, entire accounts saw their holdings evaporate as exchange wallets incorrectly showed 0 balances.
Many traders are worried today after more and more users are expressing concerns regarding Binance’s services. Today, some users reportedly found that their balances and placed orders were completely incorrect. Others said trades were going through but the balances would not update. Errors have also been seen sitewide, as reported by some users. A recent tweet by Crypto Krillin (@LSDinmycoffee) brought the issue to the attention of many on cryptocurrency Twitter. Many other users replied and confirmed that they have also been having issues with Binance. Other repliers said that their entire accounts had absolutely no balance whatsoever. Their entire holdings had effectively evaporated due to an error. This appears to be a sitewide issue for Binance affecting many users. So far, the exchange has not issued a comment on these reported problems. If unresolved, the issue could seriously harm Binance’s reputation since it has always promoted itself on the idea that “Funds are SAFU.” If the exchange is unable to account for basic balances, though, then this could be a serious issue. Hopefully, we can expect a proper comment from Binance soon. Binance has faced criticism in the last few days over its functionality. Days ago, traders were also reportedly struggling to place BTC/USDT longs on Binance. Some large traders received error messages when trying to take out a USDT loan for margin trading. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) has admitted to the “slight delay in the order book display across some trading pairs” and said that the team is actively working on it.  binance The balance issues at Binance also comes on the same day that the entire cryptocurrency market posted losses across the board. Although Bitcoin has fallen just -1.31% on the daily, many other cryptocurrencies are reporting double-digit losses. It’s currently unclear whether or not the platform’s dysfunctionality has exacerbated the market rout. At the time of writing, Binance still boasts some $2.7B in trading volume.


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