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Bespoke Ticketing Experience Arriving With FlashBack

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Enter to win an early-bird NFT by a featured artist from Exquisite Workers.

FlashBack is the first NFT ticketing platform that bridges art, event organizers, and event lovers.

Remember all those amazing tickets we used to collect after every event or party? They weren’t just the tickets, they were the memories we wanted to keep. Some mind-blowing festival in California, a cool exhibition in Paris during your summer vacation tour, or a crazy underground party in Berlin.

All those unique experiences now just turned into boring QR codes. FlashBack is here to give those memories back to people. The platform enables event organizers to create bespoke and art-like NFT tickets. People can buy these tickets with exclusive artworks and keep all of these memories in their collection on FlashBack. In addition, people can follow their favorite event organizers and influencers with shared interests to stay tuned on the best events that are happening around. 

Why does FlashBack use NFT technology? It enables a safe and seamless experience for both guests and organizers. Tickets can’t be faked, thus guests and hosts can feel secure as they are protected from fraud and undesired visitors.

Flashback is built on Avalanche, which allows organizers to create NFTs in seconds for less than a cent. Avalanche’s tamper-proof blockchain helps ensure digital ownership and NFT safety from fraud and undesired visitors.

“Every event is a unique memory that we want to keep, whether it’s a vibrant festival in California or a birthday party of your 5-year-old. We’re building an edgy way to keep such memories for people. And making every event ticket special for event organizers. “

Elena Obukhova, Founder & CEO at FlashBack

“Having talked to event organizers and potential partners, we got such positive feedback. It validated our idea and gave us more confidence that we can reshape the event industry market. We are determined to make it better by advancing ticketing and creating a safer environment for each event. “

Olga Filatova, Founder & COO at FlashBack

FlashBack is already supported by the following event projects: Papaya Playa Project (Tulum), SuperChief NFT Gallery (New York), Labitconf (Latin America), FAS | Fintech Advisory Services (Global), Global Government Blockchain Summit (Dubai), and others coming on board.

Pre-registration started on June 25th and will go for only 1 month. FlashBack offers a chance to win 1 out of 9 uniquely designed and culturally rich NFTs from Exquisite Workers, a groundbreaking community of 572 artists from 50 countries. Exquisite Workers brings the immortal game of the Surrealists called Exquisite Corpse through the eyes of contemporary artists online and blockchain within the historical expedition “NFT to stay”.

Each artist contributes to the overall image within the selected color scheme, without knowing what the rest of it will look like. This results in a snake of interdependent images woven together making the longest living collective artwork posted daily, perfect to become your new exquisite digital identity.

Pre-register to be eligible for the airdrop and enjoy early-bird perks at

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