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What is the BIC Verification Badge?

We are true believers that the global crypto community needs to work towards being safer for all stakeholders. Due to the technological nature of the industry, there isn’t necessarily a person behind the development of an interesting project.

That’s why we created the BIC Verification Badge as an add-on to our most prestigious and complete advertorial product — the Review

The goal of our verification badge is to verify that there is a person behind the crypto project we are reviewing. 

After an extensive verification process, the badge will be added to the Review, signaling to our readers that there is a credible person behind the project. 

Our verification badge does not guarantee a risk-free investment but it does enhance the credibility of the project as a whole. 


How the verification process works:

  1. A video call with project owner/s to give us basic information about the project.
  2. Filling out documentation that includes a valid form of identification.
  3. Confirming the wallet is the same that is used to deploy smart contracts by conducting a small transaction.

Once the verification process is complete and all due diligence has been performed, the badge will then be added to the Review at the top of the article.

Clients that have been verified by BeInCrypto:

NaVe Finance