Automated Crypto Trading on Spot and Futures by Bitsgap

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Buying and selling cryptocurrencies is now big business, and enthusiasts are out to maximize profits in the trade. Bitsgap helps you track various cryptocurrencies on different exchanges seamlessly integrating 25+ exchanges under a single platform and allowing you to manage your crypto assets with ease and profitability.

Addition of Futures and Spot Trading Platform

In this upgrade, Bitsgap has added access to futures trading features so you can start trading with leverage to speculate on rising or falling markets and apply hedging strategies if you have open positions to protect.

To power futures and spot trading, Bitsgap has added two new exchanges; Binance Futures and FTX.

To get the most out of this new platform given the volatility of crypto markets, the UI has been upgraded to be agile. So you can complete a trade by a single tap or click, and make trades faster.

Improved Automated Trading Bots

The latest Bitsgap trading bots have been trained from past data and provide insightful strategies for buying and selling at any given time or trend. The latest strategy is developed through an approach that avoids making simplicity complex. Bitsgap’s automated bots follow a straightforward and time-tested strategy, Grid trading. Using the Grid Strategy, the bot will allocate limit orders within a set trading range with the desired investment sum and analyze the price trends to buy at low and sell at high prices for high-profit margins.

Using a time-tested strategy for automated trading, these bots will ensure you generate higher returns for any given trading opportunity it detects, especially in sideways or rising markets. In a falling market, a cost-average effect and a profit generated by the bot will offset the negative value change of a base currency. With the new Bitsgap platform, these bots spare you the strain in trading, making it a simple and profitable option for growing your portfolio.

Additional Exciting Features on the Update

Backtesting: Bitsgap’s Backtesting tool is a new addition to the platform that allows you to simulate the performance of potential trades with precision using existing data. In its performance, the tool accounts for price volatility, automated strategy settings, and the time period for which it is carried.


Bot Statistics: Within the Backtesting tool, The Bot Statistics feature allows the user to compare the performance of a bot in generating returns in a quote currency of any day.

What’s more? This new input model offers traders and investors a tool to projected daily returns on other cryptocurrencies, customizing their trading configurations based on historical returns generated.

Improved Interface Access and Navigation: The latest update offers a comprehensive UI. You will now access all important metrics on the front page by clicking on the “View” tab. This update makes it simpler for you to analyze bots’ performance, especially when you have more than two active automated strategies.

Security Update

Bitsgap prioritizes the security of each user’s account. Your information is sensitive and Bitsgap applies high-grade cybersecurity protocol, encrypting each bit of your data with RSA 2048-bit standard protocol.

How to start?

Creating an account is simple and secure. Use your email address and set up a password you will use to access your account. Try out these features by signing up for our 14-day free trial, no credit card required!

Bitsgap platform charges no commission on your earnings or charges on your transactions! Start crypto bot on Bitsgap from as low as $19/month.


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