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Ascendant Launches An Astrology Application Targeting Fortune Telling in Web3.0

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 Ascendant, the web3 astrology ecosystem, will launch a groundbreaking astrology application, Ascendant Fortune. Ascendant Fortune empowers users to learn about their trading personalities and fortune forecast in 2023, and obtain highly personalized blessing SBTs to bring extra luck to their web3 journey. 

Ascendant Fortune is probably the first application that really applies metaphysics in the crypto world. By combining on-chain data and astrological insights, Ascendant Fortune can tell users their trading personalities, as well as how this may affect their trading behaviors. For example, Saturn in the 5th House represents persistent and lasting HODL, while Mercury in 3rd House would suggest more active trade and faster flip.

With Ascendant Fortune’s innovative services, users can also get insights into their annual investment theme, fortune trend, best-matching token, major revenue sources, and everything they need to know about their luckiness in 2023. This product provides users with valuable information to understand what they may be facing and should be careful about on their Web3 journey.

May not known about by many people, Astrology has played an important role in predicting major events throughout history. In the late 1920s and early 1930s, astrologer Evangeline Adams made financial astrology famous by using astrology to make stock market predictions in her newsletter. John Pierpont Morgan, founder of the famous banking group J.P. Morgan, even once said, “Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.”

“In an era as unpredictable and ever-changing as Web3, everyone can use astrology to gain a sense of security and facilitate decision-making,” said Zack, Co-founder of Ascendant. “We believe that this long-lasting spiritual subject can reinvigorate itself with blockchain and generative AI, and we’re committed to keeping innovating and unlocking the potential for our users.”

Ascendant Fortune is now available on Users can apply an active wallet address and get started with personalized astrology-powered crypto insights for 2023. After enjoying the report generated by Ascendant Fortune, users can also mint a personalized blessing SBT to bring extra luck, as well as winning community points tASC, which will construct the foundation for future benefits within the Ascendant community.

This first product, Ascendant Fortune, conducts astrological analysis based on the birth chart of users’ wallet addresses, which Vitalik views as primitives of DeSoc in his paper Decentralized Society: Finding Web3’s Soul. The more intact application based on users’ birth information will come out in the near future, once the project team bridges the technical gap to ensure users’ data privacy and ownership.

Ascendant recently received Seed Round fundraising from a renowned crypto fund and independent investor, at a valuation of close to ten million US dollars. With this funding, Ascendant plans to expand its team and develop more astrology-powered Web3 services for its users.

About Ascendant

Ascendant is an innovative Web3 astrology ecosystem that blends AI with astrology to help users unlock the everyday magic within themselves and navigate the exciting world of Web3. Ascendant provides a number of interactive products and services that enable users to gain deeper insights into their personal, professional, and financial lives.

Ascendant is growing its community. Early adopters and SBT holders will receive the privilege to access premiere applications and share the economic benefits of the ecosystem. The complete roadmap will be released on the official website next month.

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