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Ariva: Cryptocurrency Meets the Real World

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Blockchain technology, and by extension, cryptocurrencies have transformed traditional finance and are now applied to different sectors globally.

However, the travel and tourism industry is one of the few sectors that has been somewhat slow to adopt these new technologies. This billion-dollar industry still largely operates using traditional systems that are often inefficient and do not reward travelers and tourists. Thankfully a new blockchain platform Ariva seeks to change this by introducing a next-generation blockchain-based ecosystem for the travel and tourism industry. 

An extensive ecosystem 

Ariva intends to transform the global travel and tourism industry by integrating modern products and features within its ecosystem. This is divided into three main products, namely Ariva.World, Ariva.Club, and Ariva.Finance. 

These products are interconnected and allow tourists and travelers to share a unique experience that is powered by blockchain technology. 

Ariva World

Ariva.World is a travel & tourism network that connects travelers with tourism service providers and features different products. Tourists can access a travel portal where they can make ticket and vacation bookings using cryptocurrency. This portal supports several cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, BNB, and its native Ariva coin. 

It also features a travel review blog built on the blockchain and designed to reward authors and contributors with cryptocurrencies. 

An online shop where valuable local goods and artifacts can be sold using cryptocurrencies. Travel service providers like hotels, tour guides, airlines, and restaurants can leverage the product & service management panel to manage their services on the platform effectively. 

Ariva Finance

To further simplify payments within the tourism sector, Ariva has launched a cryptocurrency-based payment gateway called Ariva.Finance. Ariva.Finance is easy to set up and deploy on websites and mobile apps. 

Transaction mades on Ariva.Finance is smooth and quick with low fees involved. This ensures that users get the best value on the platform when compared to other payment gateways. Businesses can also display their QR codes which the prospective buyer can scan to complete transactions. 

The payment gateway is also free to use and supports popular wallets and cryptocurrencies. In addition, users can store their cryptocurrencies within the inbuilt wallets secured with the latest security features. 


Ariva.Club is the first blockchain-based social media platform that is dedicated to the travel and tourism industry. It provides an enabling environment for anyone to share their traveling experience and recommend tourism service providers. 

Ariva.Club uses a unique spam system to filter out fake endorsements and promote trustworthy posts on personal experiences from travelers. In addition, the platform is equipped with a user-friendly interface, and users can share photos, videos, and blogs of their travel experience. 

Ariva.Club is also designed to reward authors and active contributors in the native ARV coins that can be exchanged for fiat on supported exchanges. 

Ecosystem powered by a unique utility coin

ARV is a BEP-20 coin that serves as the payment coin for the different products and services offered within the Ariva ecosystem. 

Ariva is also developing its native blockchain that will be launched in the future and provide a unique ecosystem for its products. 

It provides immense benefits and eliminates the need for travelers to use traditional credit cards that expose travelers’ details to third-party companies. In addition, ARV does not have a transaction limit restriction, and holders can make multiple payments in their destination holiday countries. 

Users can make cheap cross-border transactions when compared to the high commissions associated with credit cards. Holders can also speculate on the coin and make significant profits. 

ARV has a total market supply of 100,000,000,000 and can be bought on popular exchanges like PancakeSwap, Probit, and exchanges. More exchange listings are soon to be announced. You can learn more about Ariva by visiting the website.

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