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Arbitrum Launches Gaming and Social App-Focused Layer 2 Chain Arbitrum Nova

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In Brief

  • Arbitrum has launched its Layer 2 chain Arbitrum Nova.
  • The chain is intended for gaming and social applications that are cost sensitive and have a lot of transaction volume.
  • Arbitrum also plans to migrate Arbitrum One to Nitro on August 31.
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Ethereum scaling solution Arbitrum has released its gaming and social application-focused Layer 2 chain Arbitrum Nova to the public. The chain has already been used for Reddit’s Community Point systems.

Ethereum scaling solution Arbitrum has launched its second Ethereum Layer 2 chain, Nova, the team announced on Aug. 9.

Arbitrum Nova is a new chain that is primarily intended for gaming and social applications, and was first announced earlier this year, and is the first chain built using Arbitrum’s AnyTrust technology.

The chain is intended for projects with high transaction volumes that are looking for low-cost and high-security solutions. Arbitrum has said that it has granted access to over 100 development teams. It also makes use of a Data Availability Committee, and initial members include ConsenSys, FTX, Google Cloud, Offchain Labs, P2P, Quicknode, and Reddit.

Among the successes that the chain can count on is the deployment of Reddit’s Community Points system on Nova. Currently, there are two communities as part of this deployment, though that figure could very well increase. The focus now is to encourage development, build out the ecosystem, and then the user base.

Developers can begin building on Nova, and details are listed on how to get started with it. Some projects have already gone live on the chain, including SushiSwap. FTX will also support direct onboarding onto the chain.

Nova is different from Arbitrum One in that the Data Availability Committee receives the transaction data first, with the data going on-chain only if the committee fails. It makes the assumption that at least two committee members are honest.

Arbitrum has more news slated in the coming weeks, and has dubbed this month as “Arbitrum August.” It plans to migrate One to Nitro on Aug. 31 and has already migrated Rinkeby to Nitro.

It is a busy week ahead for the project, which has seen a lot of success in the past few months. Ethereum layer 2 solutions have been in the media for several reasons, and Nova could spark a new wave of development on the chain.


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