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Alex Bentley, NBA Star, Buys $40k Worth of Property in Stadium Metaverse

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Updated by Levy Prata

Alex Bentley is an American professional basketball player. And also a metaverse enthusiast. And apparently, she has just bought $40k worth of property and digital assets inside a gaming metaverse that is set up like a stadium, called LootMogul.

LootMogul is a sports metaverse gaming platform. The company say it is influencer-led. For sale are lands, parts of the stadium, plus arenas. Proof of ownership is via NFTs and tokens.

LootMogul say that Alex Bentley purchased ad spaces and seats within the metaverse. The associated NFTs come with real-life benefits plus other uses online.

Says Bentley, “The endless capabilities and opportunities in the world of VR gets me excited to do my part and make my mark in the metaverse’s ambitious future.” 

Alex bentley

Alex Bentley: Plugging The Site

While Bentley might have been given the land to promo the site, rather than actually buy it, she still is doing her job to plug the site. And for sports fans and gamers, the metaverse is compelling. The first-ever metaverse stadium allows users to own assets such as seats. And they can also own ad spaces. Both of these assets can be bought as NFTs. They give lifetime ownership rights to the person who purchases them.

These NFTs can be openly tradeable on OpenSea. If you own an ad space, you can use it to promote your brand. You can also customize your seat, use a customized avatar, play games with other people in the stadium metaverse, earn tokens, and earn revenue from sponsorship deals.

The platform say they have first-mover advantage in the $800B industry. They have “partnered with more than 184 professional athletes from NBA, NFL, MLB, eSports etc. and 1.5M+ high-school and college athletes. LootMogul is expanding the web3 community by bringing web2 gamers and sports fanatics to the metaverse with a play-to-earn model, real-world perks, experiences, and NFT collections. Companies or Gaming guilds can own or lease NFT stadiums, seats, banners, celebrity avatars, game power, wearables etc. for their community and organize special events during NBA all-star weekend, NFL Superbowl, World Championship etc with real world sports celebrities.”

Alex bentley

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