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9 Reasons Why Traders Choose Bexplus

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Updated by Ashton Wolfe
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Bexplus, Hong Kong based margin exchange, has been providing its clients with outstanding service for 3 years already gaining attention from traders all over the world and accumulating hundreds of millions volumes daily. Throughout 3-year period the platform has been constantly developing and experienced major updates in order to deliver even better trading experience for traders globally. In this article we covered 9 core features of Bexplus that are the reasons why traders choose Bexplus.
1. 100x Leverage: Strengthen Your Investment Power
Leverage is a powerful tool designed for maximizing your profits: by trading with leverage traders lend the certain amount of funds from the broker in order to open positions which are much larger than the original investment. On Bexplus leverage reaches 100x: traders are able to open 100 times larger positions with relatively small amounts. For instance, it needs only 0.1 BTC to open up 10 Bitcoin position. If Bitcoin price (or of any other asset available) raises or decreases by 1%, you can get 100% profits.
2. Variety of Bonuses (Get $100 Trading Bonus)
At the time of press every new user is eligible to get a special “beginner reward pack” which includes $100 deposit bonus (granted if the trader deposits 0.008 BTC), $10 registration bonus (it’s free, just register and start real trading) and 10% discount for all commission fees.

3. Trading Simulator With 10 BTC
Bexplus always has been a beginner-friendly platform: it takes no more than half an our to get familiar with its intuitive UI. However, there’s a trading simulator available on Bexplus designed for practicing: before depositing real Bitcoins beginners can play around in the simulator with free 10 Bitcoins.
4. Affiliate Program: Make Profits by Referring New Users  
Earlier this year Bexplus announced the start of its Affiliate Program: now traders are eligible to receive up to 50% of the commission fees of the transactions made by invitees. Besides, Bexplus affiliates to earn 0.001 BTC for each invited user.                   The minimum commission reward is 15%, but until December affiliates are granted with another bonus 15%, which makes 30% in total. Besides, according to Bexplus, affiliates can apply for the special customized rate, which can be up to 50%. The total commission fee depends on various factors: trading volume, the total number of transactions, the number of active traders of different trading pairs, etc.
5. Safety, Security, Privacy
On Bexplus, your privacy is protected: there is no KYC requirements, and it takes just 40 seconds to create an account. To guarantee the safety of your funds Bexplus uses the most advanced security technologies: there are DDoS protection and two-factor authentication, all the funds are stored in encrypted cold wallets. Withdrawal requests are manually processed 24/7 by Bexplus team.
6. High Liquidity and Ultra-Fast Order Execution
Slow, lagging order execution is a nightmare of every trader: trading volatile cryptocurrencies requires ultra-fast response from the platform. Bexplus deals with it just great even during periods of extremely high volatility, providing you with instant order execution and accurate rates. The data is collected from several world’s largest crypto exchanges.
7. Even Lower Fees
Bexplus offers competitive commission fees: Bitcoin trades are 0.075%. However, by registering via this link you can get a permanent 10% trading fees discount which will bring your expenses even lower.
8. Mobile App: Manage Your Trades Anytime and Anywhere  
Market is changing every minute, and it’s crucial to have access to your account 24/7. No need to stay by your desktop all the time, all futures of crypto trading are available in Bexplus mobile app. App has all the futures of the platform as desktop version including trading simulator. Both iOS and Android versions are available for free download in Apple Store and Google Play.
9. 24/7 Support 
When it comes to your assets, you always want to be confident with the platform you trusted your money. It’s necessary to have someone around in case of any issue occur. If the traders encounter any problems or questions using Bexplus they are always welcome to leave a message via built-in online chat or send an email to our support team. Support is ready for help 24/7.


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