Renato Rodriguez – The South American Satoshi

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Renato Rodriguez – The South American Satoshi

Often dubbed as ‘The South American Satoshi’, Renato Rodriguez has made strides in introducing digital currencies to every household of South America.

Renato hails from Guatemala, is a blockchain expert and fintech advisor. He holds a degree in Systems Engineering and has graduated in Economics from the University Of Los Angeles California, United States.

He has been involved in over 12+ crypto projects, with the aim of ‘making crypto simple’ so that every household understands the concept of digital money and crypto-economics. He is also a crypto philanthropist, helping millions of lives and also making them understand Bitcoin.


In a recent interview, on being asked about his motivation for the crypto industry, he said

‘’More than one million active users of these digital currencies are registered to exchange products and services worldwide, but we must understand what is happening in this new industry because this thing is moving very fast. People in the 3rd world countries use cryptocurrencies like Electroneum, instead of petty cash. Why? Because there is a loophole in the current financial ecosystem, and because of this issue, there are still millions of people who haven’t even seen a bank, yet they have a smartphone.’’


Renato says that people who don’t have a bank account can still have ‘financial inclusion’ because of cryptocurrencies. And in 20 years, the concept of ‘fiat’ currency will no longer exist.

Titles such as, ‘The South American Satoshi’ and ‘The Digital Man of the Digital Era’ was awarded to him by The Singularity Report and by The Daily Fintech.

He has delivered many speeches in TEDTalks, which spectators said that his words were ‘revolutionary’. His recent TEDTalk was in Pachuca, Hidalgo where he focused on the recent recognition of digital currencies in the eyes of the Mexican government. Renato Rodríguez, in his speech at TEDx Palmitas, said, “since Mexico has introduced Fintech Law, it is now the first country in Latin America to move a step closer to a fully digital economy. However, there are still significant challenges to face in this new journey that is having significant growth in the world.”


Visionaries like Renato are the face of the crypto economy. To make a more significant impact, Renato, along with his colleagues, are working with several government agencies, to develop enterprise-grade blockchain solutions. His company is also said to be working with a couple of banks in Mexico, to develop Central Bank Digital Currency and help the unbanked.

Mark Zuckerberg changed the way how people interact (Facebook), Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp changed the way how people travel (Uber), Brian Chesky changed the way how people rent & live (Airbnb). In essence, Renato is changing the way how people transact, interact financially and live their digital life.


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