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83% of Millennial Millionaires Own Crypto: CNBC Report

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In Brief

  • CNBC millionaire survey shows that 48% of millennial millionaires are happy to add to their crypto holdings in 2022.
  • Baby Boomers and Gen X are not keen on crypto, with few investing in it.
  • Many millennials are adding to their inheritance and existing wealth with crypto.
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CNBC has published the results of its Millionaire Survey, and it shows that 83% of millennial millionaires own crypto. Furthermore, 48% state they would be adding to their holdings in 2022.

A new report released by CNBC shows that millennial millionaires are planning to add more cryptocurrency to their portfolios in 2022. The CNBC Millionaire Survey, which was published on Dec 16, covered the investments of the age group and returned some interesting results. A whopping 48% of millennial millionaires said that they would add more crypto to their holdings.

The survey queried investors with investable assets greater than $1 million. It learned that 53% of investors had their wealth in crypto, with nearly a third having at least three-quarters of their wealth in bitcoin, ETH, or other cryptocurrencies.

The latter point is especially telling, as it indicates how focused the millennial generation is on the crypto market. This is compared to older investors, which CNBC notes in the report, where only 4% of baby boomers hold any cryptocurrencies. Gen X is also quite hesitant about crypto, with more than 75% not holding any.

48% of those surveyed said they would add to their crypto holdings, while only 6% said they would reduce their investments next year. The whole sentiment from the report is one of optimism for the market, which also indicates that 2022 could be a strong year for crypto.

Most of these millionaires made their money from crypto or added to their wealth with crypto investments. They seem fine with volatility, which speaks to a generation that has endured two recessions and several global incidents.

Most millennials keen on crypto

Such reports have also indicated that millennials are keen on cryptocurrencies. The asset class has always attracted younger generations, who are tech-savvy and have a different sense of investment culture. Conversely, older generations, especially baby boomers, have struggled to accept digital currencies.

With the cryptocurrency market growing among retail and institutional investors, it does not seem likely that the market will scale back. More young investors will enter the market, boosting adoption and value.

Millennials have been noted as being more interested in bitcoin than the housing market. Another CNBC report earlier this year showed that 47% of millennial millionaires had at least 25% of their wealth in cryptocurrencies.


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