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$3 Million Jackpot Winner Rigs Ethereum Game — But Was It Cheating?

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In Brief

  • Winner Spent $11,000 to Strategically Game the System
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Fomo3D, an Ethereum-based decentralized application (DApp) that markets itself as “ALL THE FUN/FEAR OF AN EXIT SCAM WHERE YOU TAKE EVERYTHING,” has officially paid out its first ever winner — who may have rigged the game to take home approximately $3 million in ether.
Fomo3D functions by allowing users to continually purchase “keys” while a timer counts down. When the clock strikes zero, the player who last purchased a key wins the jackpot. However, each time a key is purchased, time is added to the clock. As reported by Motherboard, a player won the jackpot on Wednesday and, in doing so, raked in more than 10,000 ether coins. However, developers have since admitted in the game’s Discord channel that the winner effectively rigged the system by clogging the notoriously easy-to-congest Ethereum blockchain long enough to essentially shut out other players from buying the last key.

The Winning Strategy

Motherboard provides detailed specifics as to exactly how the winner achieved his gaming of the system but, in layman’s terms, the victor merely paid exorbitant transaction fees to ensure a high degree of difficulty for other players to successfully verify a key purchase in time. traffic jam

Cheating or Ingenious?

Some people might be tempted to call this strategy cheating, but the game’s inventor told Motherboard that he wouldn’t classify it as unfair. So, how much did the winner pay to rig the system? According to an official announcement via Discord, the strategist forked over at least $11,000 to win the $3 million jackpot. What do you think about Fomo3D? Was the first jackpot winner’s strategy cheating, ingenious, or both? Let us know what you think in the comments below! 


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