Looking for a belated Christmas gift for your crypto-enthusiastic friends? Look no further.

We have hand-picked some ideas and suggestions on how to wow a crypto geek and bring new supporters into the fold. Explore the options, be bold, be creative, and be cryptic to make this holiday season unforgettable both for yourself and your loved ones.

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Safe Seed Mnemonic

If you’ve been in the crypto space for a while, you’ve probably heard many horror stories about people who forgot their cryptocurrency wallet passwords or seed phrases and lost access to their coins. This item offers an elegant, low-cost recovery solution.

Basically, this is a waterproof, corrosion and fire resistant copper plate with A-Z and 0-9 stamping tools. You can input any recovery phrase of 12-24 words and store the plate in a velvet pouch included in the delivery set. Just don’t forget to find a secure place for the plate itself!

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Crypto Predicto Talking Ball

This mind-blowing item will impress all bitcoin, blockchain, and ICO lovers — as well as magic ball fans and anyone who enjoys fortune-telling games. Ask a question about a digital asset and the ball will speak out a smart and sometimes funny prediction. The device has over 100 answers related to crypto and can give predictions about 100 coins. Crypto lovers will enjoy this ball as its predictions are nearly as accurate as forecasts of crypto ‘experts.’

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Bitcoin Toilet Paper Roll

This prank gift will do well both for crypto traders and haters and give them a good laugh. Once they enjoy the joke, they can put the toilet paper roll to good use — which makes it very practical. The roll is made of three-ply paper and has 250 tissues.

Precious Metal Crypto Coins

A set of seven metal coins — Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, and Zcash — each in an acrylic protective case, will impress any cryptocurrency investor. Give them a chance to not only HODL the coins but also really HOLD them in their hands until their hearts are content.

Ledger Nano S

A super slick, stylish, and secure way to store your digital assets, Ledger is one of the leading suppliers of cryptocurrency cold storage solutions. This device allows for the checking and confirming of transactions on the embedded display and uses the physical button as a two-factor confirmation mechanism. It’s easy to use, compatible with various apps and wallets, and second to none when it comes to protection measures.

Mouse Pads for Bitcoin Maximalists

Yes, we know that hardly anyone uses mouse pads nowadays, but these mouse pads look cool and inspiring. Give one to your Bitcoin loving friends to keep them cheered during gloomy days of cryptocurrency market sell-offs. The pads are usually made of high-quality texture with non-slip rubber base and are compatible with all laser and optical mouses.

Crypto Artwork

Paintings, installations, sculptures, posters — you name it. A piece of art will inspire the interior and provide a good motivation for true HODLers. Many suppliers offer print-on-demand services, which means that you can turn virtually any picture, words of wisdom, or ideas into a piece of art.

Domain name

A perfect gift idea for those who dream of starting their own crypto business. A domain is no trivial matter as it may help to shape the brand and contribute to the success of a future enterprise. Thus, if you have a generous budget, consider this option. And remember, as you call a boat so that it will float.


This list wouldn’t be complete without these detestably cute digital creatures created by Canadian startup Axiom Zen. These blockchain virtual pets became viral at the end of 2017. While now the boom is over, crypto cats are still popular blockchain versions of Tamagotchi pets or Neko Atsume.

Cryptocurrency Investing Bible

A book with such a high-sounding name promises to teach you how to start getting crypto reach with just $500 at hand, develop personal strategies, and manage risks. The author claims to crack the secrets withheld by crypto experts and share a personal experience. Also, you may choose another similarly useful piece of writing, like Bitcoin for Dummies or The Bitcoin Standard.

Still Need Help?

Haven’t chosen anything suitable from the above? Dive into an unlimited assortment of clothes with Bitcoin logos and inspiring or funny sayings. You can create a complete wardrobe in crypto style, including lingerie, T-shirts, jeans, shoes, and accessory.

Also consider crypto-themed tableware and home decor items like mugs, rugs, pillows, coaster – whatever!

Would you like to find something from the above under your Christmas tree? What’s your idea of an ideal crypto gift? Share your thoughts in the comments below.