Zoomex Expands and Brings the Annual World Series of Trading

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25 May 2022, 21:00 GMT+0000
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25 May 2022, 21:00 GMT+0000

On May 21, 2022, Roma visits Torino in Olimpico di Torino. Though it is not the first time for Roma to compete in this field, sure, it’s the first time for the top crypto exchange ZOOMEX to land in Serie A. 

You may spot ZOOMEX’s logo with the slogan, “Top Futures Exchange with the Best Liquidity, Trade Crypto Now,” presented on the pitch-side LED of the field. It unveils a new era for top future exchange. 

Crypto trading platform Zoomex has landed in the world’s top football league, Serie A, seeking to expand its business scale worldwide and promote its annual World Series of Trading (WSOT). The top competition for traders, the total prize pool is 6 million US dollars, what an astonishing amount.

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About WSOT 

The World Series of Trading (WSOT) is a global cryptocurrency trading competition powered by Zoomex, championing the spirit of competition, fair play, and cultivating camaraderie between crypto lovers worldwide.

WSOT celebrates the positive changes that cryptocurrency and technologies have brought to our lives. 

The prize pool consists of rewards for both teams and individuals. Team participants will benefit from up to 3,600,000 USDT, and what’s more, there are up to 2,400,000 USDT available for grasp in the individual competition. The event will last for 20 days, beginning from June 27 till July 7. 

WSOT ranks contestants by the “profit vs. loss” percentage, where traders compete on a level playing field regardless of the depth of their pockets. 

Benefits of using Zoomex 

Zoomex guarantees the safety of its customers’ assets by creating a trading environment with a unique security system. The platform prioritizes the trust of its customers and guarantees the exchange’s honest and transparent operation.

Also, it uses the best multi-signature security system and cold and hot wallet system to protect the customers’ assets. 

Zoomex always takes the lead in the finance industry, even in the changing market. 

It supports USDT perpetual & Inverse Perpetual contract trading. They also support over 50 types of altcoins trading pairs, including USDT and BTC trading pairs, to provide customers with various trading environments. 

The Zoomex platform provides 24 hours deposit and withdrawal service to ensure a customer-friendly trading environment. It enables them to deposit and withdraw their assets anytime they want, enhancing the trading environment. 

The platform aims to have comfortable and convenient trading experiences, improving customers’ trading satisfaction. That’s why it has an interface that customers can easily recognize. 

Who is Zoomex? 

CoinMarketCap (CMC) Top #25 listing exchange, Zoomex, established in 2021 in Singapore, is a cryptocurrency trading platform equipped with high-tech blockchain technology. 

It believes this technology will prosper lives and increase the value of assets. It aims to provide more customers with a better online cryptocurrency trading environment and create a wise investment environment. 

Zoomex strives to protect our customers’ assets and provide the best online trading service in the changing cryptocurrency market under our values – safety, trust, and creation. Zoomex offers customer-oriented services. 

We also provide convenience and an optimal trading environment for cryptocurrency online trading services as a leader in the cryptocurrency market where our customers are satisfied with the services. 

Currently, Zoomex holds US MSB License and Canada MSB License. Data shows from CoinMarketCap that Zoomex now has over 50 markets and reached a 24hrs volume of $233,681,223. The recognition by CMC rankings represents the acknowledgment of the crypto community to the Zoomex. This is another milestone for Zoomex; the sky is the limit. 

Contact for More

To join the Zoomex community, you can access the official Zoomex Telegram. Also, you can visit the website, and if you are interested in inviting your friends and each of you can get a $40 referral bonus, click the link here.


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