Zeronauts – A Profitable Income Stream for Cryptocurrency Experts

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The Swiss cryptocurrency project Zeronauts (ZNS) has a strong interest to identify long-term successful cryptocurrency tokens and helping investors find them.



For this, they developed scientific rating methodologies that consider economic, environmental, and social indicators.

The harsh reality is that 98% of all cryptocurrency tokens created between 2016 and 2018 turned out to be scams or failures.  



Based on these methodologies, Zeronauts aims to build the largest cryptocurrency assessment platform. The project uses a unique incentive system to involve the whole cryptocurrency community to write cryptocurrency assessments. 

Recently, Zeronauts has launched the beta tester program for their cryptocurrency assessment platform. The official platform goes live at the end of Q4/2021.

The negative image of the cryptocurrency market 

The team behind Zeronauts has recognized the issue that the concept of sustainability has been strongly neglected in cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency market is known for fraud, pump and dump schemes, and the high energy consumption of Bitcoin.

Unfortunately, the negative image of cryptocurrency also hits long-term valuable cryptocurrency projects that have found a way to use blockchain technology in a meaningful way. 

In this market circle, it is about time that investors can easily differentiate between long-term promising or in other words sustainable cryptocurrency tokens and unsustainable ones.  

Earn money for writing cryptocurrency assessments

If users enjoy analyzing cryptos? If so, users should be reading the right articles. The Zeronauts team searches cryptocurrency community members that are interested in performing cryptocurrency assessments according to the Zeronauts methodologies. 

To scale the Zeronauts rating platform quickly, the project team uses a unique approach to involve the whole cryptocurrency community to write assessments.

ZNS transaction fees are used to reward community members for their service of writing cryptocurrency ratings. As the Zeronauts assessment platform grows, this can be extremely lucrative for token auditors.

The Zeronauts methodologies guide users through the rating process with a large amount of elaboration and explanation.

This also enables people with less cryptocurrency knowledge to perform ratings. Additionally, the assessment process can help them to learn a lot about cryptocurrency.

ZNS – A token with high potential

For each written assessment, auditors are rewarded with the ZNS token. The ZNS token can, of course, be swapped to other cryptos.

However, it might be a good idea to hold ZNS in your BSC wallet as the token has a high growth potential. Holders are rewarded with 2% of all transaction fees according to their holdings. 

Much more interesting is the implemented reinvestment system. Cryptocurrency tokens can request a Zeronauts audit for a fee. Interestingly, a part of the audit fee is directly reinvested into the ZNS token. That means, the more assessments are written, the higher the ZNS price will be. 

Last but not least, the Zeronauts project has a well-elaborated roadmap. The project’s mission is to become the central authority for a sustainable cryptocurrency movement.

The roadmap includes the mentioned assessment platform, an NFT platform, a sustainable DEX and a learning platform. 

Zeronauts assessment platform goes live in Q4/2021

The Zeronauts assessment platform is in the making and goes live in Q4/2021. 

At the present time, the Zeronauts project team searches for beta testers for their platform. The beta testing will be rewarded with the ZNS token. Interested cryptocurrency community members can register for their “Become a Zeronaut” program: Become a Zeronaut

About Zeronauts

The work done by Zeronauts is one of a kind. The team behind Zeronauts are Swiss blockchain enthusiasts who share a passion for the cryptocurrency universe.

Driven for something bigger than themselves, with great commitment, revolutionary thinking, and team spirit, they are up to revolutionize the cryptocurrency space and make it much more sustainable. The company incorporation will take place at the beginning of next year.

Social links: Twitter | Instagram | Telegram.


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