Zerion Launches First ‘Living’ NFT, Releases Smart Mobile Wallet

Updated by Shilpa Lama

Zerion DNA is a dynamic NFT that evolves as users explore Web3 in the company’s new non-custodial wallet.

Zerion, the leading DeFi, and NFT portfolio manager is launching the first generative NFT linked directly to users’ on-chain activity. As users explore Web3, this Dynamic NFT Avatar – or DNA for short – will evolve with them based on their actions and the assets they own. 

“With our DNA NFT, users can express their web3 identities based on the tokens they own, networks they trade on, and communities they belong to,” said Evgeny Yurtaev, CEO and co-founder.

Based on a series of attributes, users will be able to mint an NFT when they create a Zerion wallet that represents their on-chain footprint across the ten networks Zerion supports. Every additional action user will alter their DNA.

This announcement comes alongside evolving into a Web3-native Wallet that enables users to sign transactions within their mobile app, trade across ten networks, and connect directly to any decentralized application in a few taps.

Starting today, users can create a stand-alone crypto wallet with Zerion or import existing wallets like MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet, with no limit to the number of private keys supported on the app.

Wallets can be grouped, allowing users to manage their entire Web3 portfolios, from DeFi tokens to NFTs, all in one place without having to manually add assets or constantly switch between different wallets.

“It’s still difficult to make crypto transactions on your phone, especially across different chains,” says Evgeny Yurtaev, CEO and co-founder at Zerion. “ The Zerion Smart Wallet scans every decentralized exchange on the market to make mobile trading accessible, affordable, and easy for the next billion Web3 explorers.”

Before launching its wallet, Zerion conducted security audits with the two of the leading blockchain security firms, Secfault and Cure53, who both concluded that the company’s codebase was safe and secure. 

Since raising its latest round of funding in July 2021, the Zerion team has been working on turning the product into the primary interface for Web3.

They’ve made it easier for users to see the value of their NFTs, bridge across blockchain networks, and invest in hundreds of protocols. Zerion was recently named one of the 50 most promising startups in 2022 by the information.

To date, Zerion measures 220K monthly active users, has integrated over 500 protocols across ten networks and has processed over $1.2B in transactions.

About Zerion

Zerion is a web3 smart wallet and investing tool that enables anyone with a mobile phone to manage their DeFi and NFT portfolios.

With a relentless focus on user-centered design and a technology stack that aggregates across every major wallet, network, and decentralized exchange, users are offered a single entry point for managing their digital assets, including NFTs. Zerion is non-custodial, which means users never delegate their funds to the platform.

This agile approach mitigates centralization risk and has allowed Zerion to operate globally since its inception.

The company was founded in 2016 by Evgeny Yurtaev (CEO), Alexey Bashlykov (CTO), and Vadim Koleoshkin (COO) with the mission to empower more people around the world with efficient, permissionless, and transparent financial services.

They raised their seed round in 2019 and Series A in 2021. Since then, Zerion has built an award-winning interface that serves more than 200K monthly active users from over 150 countries. Zerion has processed over $1B in transaction volume, seeing $5M traded per day on average with a median trade size of $1,000. To learn more, visit the website or follow the company on Twitter.


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