XRP Was Among the Best of 2017 Bull Run, Can It Do It Again?

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Even though it has been a rough year for XRP, the asset was one of the top performers in 2017, during the last major bull run.

The question is then debated as to whether XRP could ever see this kind of performance again, with mixed opinions for and against.

The discussion began when the Twitter account Credible Crypto (@CredibleCrypto) posted a chart from CoinMarketCap that compared some of the best performing cryptocurrencies from 2017. In the image, it can be seen that XRP experienced a 36,018% growth during that year. The user also claims that if one had invested in XRP over Bitcoin, they would still be “up 3x in USD terms,” though the truth of that would heavily depend on just when the assets were purchased.

XRP Once Again Causing Debate on Twitter

As with any type of statement about XRP, it wasn’t long before supporters and detractors began voicing their opinions. Many came to point out that there were projects that saw even more significant gains, which were not reflected on this list. This, in turn, prompted Credible Crypto to post an update:


Putting other assets aside, there was a good deal of support for the idea that XRP could once again see these types of gains, or at least outperform other significant cryptocurrencies. Some were even touting the notion that it was merely popular to hate on the currency across Twitter:

Others felt that Ripple and XRP were always banking on hype and that the project amounts to a pump and dump coin. Admittedly no actual technical argument is levied against it:

Market Conditions May Be Too Unfavorable

Some cooler heads focused more on market conditions and pointed out that there could be a lot of “bag holders” from people who bought while the price was going up. This could make it difficult for the market to return to those levels, at least without a major injection of new money.

However one feels, it is true that this has been a hard 2019 for the XRP market. Prices have been slipping all year, and even prominent traders are saying that a price drop to levels as low as $0.03 is very much a possibility.

Still, the “XRP Army” has never lost faith, and it is plausible the asset will continue to be a major player whenever we do get to the next major bull run.

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