Mike Ybarra, the Vice President of Microsoft’s Xbox division, has announced his retirement after 20 years.

In a tweet, the longtime head revealed that he would be heading off to accomplish something new.

It appears that Ybarra is leaving on good terms. Larry Hyrb, one of the public faces of the company, shared his sentiments in a reply to the tweet.

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Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, shared some sentiments as well.

Throughout his time at the company, after joining up in 1999 as a software engineer, Ybarra shortly starting to lead Windows 7. From there, he moved over to the Xbox side of things as a General Manager of their online offering, Xbox Live. Then, he became a Partner Studio Manager for the platform as a whole.

Fortunately for Ybarra’s fans, he isn’t leaving gaming. According to some tweets of his, the former head is doing what he can to keep bringing good to the industry. He’ll also be streaming on Mixer and Twitch under the Qwik moniker.

Interestingly, this news comes during a transitionary period for Xbox and its competitor Sony. That is, both companies are gearing up for the launch of their next-generation consoles during the 2020 holiday season. It’s possible that the Xbox team is all prepped, and Ybarra felt now was the right time to leave before the big rush starts.

Just yesterday, Sony officially revealed the PlayStation 5 and all of its technical specs, as BeInCrypto has previously reported. While we don’t know much about the Xbox project, we can expect that it will follow Sony’s steps in that it will be more environmentally friendly.

Apple has also entered the gaming scene recently and even started selling Microsoft’s Xbox One controller on its online store, as BeInCrypto reported earlier today.

What do you think about Ybarra’s departure? Will you be following him outside of Xbox? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Images are courtesy of Twitter, Shutterstock.